Whether you can have sex during pregnancy, you can’t think of these if you break your head

Now that the social rhythm is fast, people are under pressure, and often some people use their sexual life to release and relieve various pressures and fatigue. Then the problem comes, and many people are concerned about whether the wife is pregnant.Sex life?Will there be any impact on the fetus?Many people suffer from long -term loneliness because their wives are pregnant, not just men, but also women. In fact, this question has troubled many people. In addition, this question has no absolute answer, because everyone’s physique and physical condition are different, so it is possibleDepending on the situation.Women are very hard during pregnancy. They must not only bear and meet the various discomforts of the entire growth process of the fetus, to withstand physiological pain, but also worry about whether their men will go outside to mess with flowers, so they are very helpless.But women during pregnancy are also happy, because once she is pregnant, the whole family will treat her as a national treasure to ensure the child’s healthy and healthy birth.

Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to have sex for the first three months of pregnancy, because the fetus is still in a period of unstable in the first three months. If sexual life is performed during this period, it is easy to cause abortion or other problems, but there are some physical fitness comparisonOkay, since the start of pregnancy to production, he has not stopped sex.

In the middle of pregnancy, it is 3-6 months. The baby is relatively stable, and in the mother’s belly, living in amniotic fluid, if you have sex during this period, the baby will feel like swinging.Due to pregnancy, women’s organs and body have undergone great changes. There will be a period of time due to sexual hormone secretion, which will increase desire for sexual life.Pay attention to hygiene. The body during pregnancy is special, so when doing sex, you should pay attention to both position and strength. Do not insert women’s vagina with your fingers or other sex products to avoid causing bacterial infections and gynecological inflammation.There is no way for the fetus to use the usual medicine in time.In fact, sexual life is a bacterial infection, so pay more attention during pregnancy.Men and women must clean their private parts before the intercourse. After the intercourse, they must also use live water to wash their private parts to avoid and reduce the invasion of bacteria. In addition, do not be too rape, because some expectant mothers have different positions during pregnancy.When other discomfort, stop or change the posture immediately, because this may cause abdominal pain and fall.In the process of sexual life, the husband must observe the situation and change of his wife at any time, so as not to lose money.If you find that your wife has a bad situation, such as seeing red, severe abdominal pain, etc., you must go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

In addition, some people will also doubt whether to wear sleeves during pregnancy and whether they will be pregnant again. In fact, women during pregnancy do not ovulate, so there is no need to take contraceptive measures, but some people choose to wear sleeves for sanitation because men’s semen semen is semen semen.It contains prostaglandins, which can stimulate women’s bodies and cause contractions. Therefore, do not buy those inferior or expired when using sleeves, because improper use will increase the invasion of bacteria.There are also some women who are allergic to sleeves, because it contains chemical components itself. Because the system is different, there will be different physical reactions. When it is not used at this time.

In the second trimester, after 7 months, it is not recommended to have sex, because the growth of the fetus in the later stage of the fetus will be particularly fast, and the uterus will become larger and larger.When pressed to the stomach, there may be contraction and symptoms of premature birth, and pregnant mothers in this period should pay attention to rest. It is best not to have excessive activities. Many pregnant mothers also experience to varying degrees of back pain, or legs and feet.Waiting for edema, it will be less tired.If you must have sexual life, you can take it later. For example, let the pregnant woman lie on the side. On the one hand, it is easy to accept the price of pregnant women in this position, and it will not compress the belly. And the husband can also help the pregnant mother to touch and massage the back.Relieve the symptoms of back pain.

In fact, the quasi -mothers in the late pregnancy will be greatly reduced, because they are about to produce, and they are tired every day, and their mood will become more impatient, so there is no sexual desire at all.We do not have to do sexual life, we can use other ways to achieve the pleasure reached by sexual life. For example, when both sides are acceptable, wives can replace them with their hands or mouths to help her husband solve physiological problems.You can also live a fake sex. By touching and kissing, let the husband insert from the legs from behind, it is not really entered to get the demand

Many people will say that after a woman has a child, the whole person seems to have changed. In fact, this is a common problem, because after having children, they have to take care of the child day and night.I think about my husband and wife, so I hope that my dads are more patient to understand the hard work of being a mother, help her to share some things, so as to restore the interests between husband and wife faster, and at the same time create for the childrenA happy and warm family environment allows children to grow healthily.

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