Whether you can dye your hair on your nails during pregnancy / breastfeeding

Beauty is an eternal topic of women, but it seems that pregnancy and breastfeeding have become a scar. In this special period, many mothers will try to do not touch all cosmetics for their children’s principles.The lactating mother had given birth to a baby at first glance.

But in fact, is it really not beautiful during pregnancy and lactation?Today we talk about the three major projects that make ourselves beautiful.


Can I perm and dye my hair during pregnancy and lactation?

Hair dye must be used for hair dye. Speaking of hair dye, it has to be said that the phenyline and heavy metals contained in it.These horrible names have made many expectant mothers discourage.However, current studies have shown that pyramamine is not a substance that is known or may cause cancer, but a substance that is not clear to the human body. Although the carcinogenic statement is temporarily excluded, it has been temporarily eliminated.Excessive use of phenyline can also affect liver and kidney function.

● Mother during pregnancy

Pregnant expectant mothers have long -term excessive use of phenyleine -containing hair dyeing agents may also cause mutation to child generations.Although "aside from dosage and toxicity is a hooligan," is the first for expectant mothers. After all, there are many ways to make us beautiful and safer in addition to hair dyeing?

● Breastfeeding mother

After finally ending up in October, I wanted to start myself after unloading.Can I start dyeing hair during breastfeeding?

There is still a point of the toxic threshold here. The key is the frequency and quantity of use. After all, mothers are not stylists who are exposed to hot dyes every day.The impact of contact with the scalp is minimal.

However, due to hormones, the mother’s hair loss will be more serious due to hormones, especially the first six months after childbirth.Therefore, if you want to blanch your hair, you will try to hurt the scalp after 6 months.

Although occasional hair dyeing does not cause harm to health, we still have to do some homework before and after hair dyeing. Do n’t just listen to what products of the hair stylist, or whether you are qualified, you do n’t know if you do n’t know.

Before dyeing hair, it is best to buy hair dye from reliable channels, and then take your hair to your hair shop.

Finally, no matter what kind of hair dye you buy, if it is the first contact, you must apply a small amount of hair dye on the back of the hand before dyeing, so as to do a allergic source test to avoid what substances in the hair dye will cause you to cause you to cause youallergy.

After all, the mother is allergic and it is not good for the baby.In addition, the lactating mothers do not let your baby catch your hair with your hands within a few days after your hair.

Of course, for those mothers who do not believe that hair dye is safe anyway, or do not dye hair, find a suitable hair stylist, and cut a hairstyle that is suitable for you.


Can I get eyebrows during breastfeeding?

Eyebrows are a cosmetic surgery that permanently change the skin to the skin through acupuncture to penetrate the metal or plant pigments into the skin to achieve permanently changing the outline and color of the eyebrows.

Among them, there is almost no toxicity of metal or plant pigments, and it is only for local parts. The anesthetic is also used for local application. Therefore, it is completely safe in this regard and will not cause any adverse effects.

However, there are some places to pay attention to the same eyebrows, such as:

Choose a formal beauty institution to avoid the operation of small workshops;

Pay attention to whether the metal equipment of the eyebrows is disinfected, it is best to use it at one time;

Whether the dye and local anesthetic used have regular brands and so on.

And unlike the mood of hot hair dyeing mothers, the eyebrows are also a "beauty surgery". In the process, they will still be a bit nervous, and some mothers who are more sensitive to pain may also feel a bit.

These may be more or less affected by milk secretion.However, you think you are not afraid of pain or nervousness. There is no problem with the eyebrows for you. You only need to choose the right place for eyebrows with formal qualifications.

In addition, eyebrows are also a small trauma after all. After that, some antibiotic ointment will be used for infection. Common penicillin and cephalosporins are also safe for breastfeeding. You can rest assured to breastfeed.


Can I apply nail polish during pregnancy and lactation?

The amount of substances in nail polish is extremely limited through the body’s absorption. The main problem is that some volatile substances in nail polish, such as the solvent "banana water", is a colorless transparent transparentEasy to volatile liquid contains toluene, butyl acetate and other ingredients. Because it smells the taste of bananas, it is commonly known as "banana water".

It has a stimulating effect on the eye and mucous membrane. High concentration inhalation can cause damage to the central nervous system and even liver and kidney damage.Other harmful substances also include DBP (diode (diode (diodeate), formaldehyde, etc.

However, this sentence is not particularly worried without accumulating a certain dose.It is completely okay if it is just to become beautiful in special festivals, such as birthday, Valentine’s Day, New Year, etc.


Now some big brands can choose to choose nail polish for pregnant women, which is relatively easy to tear and have less damage to nails.

Avoid applying nail polish when your baby is around, and open the window to ventilate as much as possible after applying.

Do not play with the hands of nail polish for your baby, especially for your baby to eat.


Other breastfeeding periods can be

Q: Can you apply lipstick during lactation?

A: Yes, please select regular products and wipe before eating.

Q: Can you plant eyelashes during lactation?

A: Yes, just use some glue.

Q: Can I get my teeth during breastfeeding?

A: Yes, local anesthesia does not affect breastfeeding.

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