Whether the fetus develops during pregnancy, pay attention to the pregnant woman at 3 o’clock, don’t worry blindly

Whether the fetus develops well, just know the 3 points of pregnant women, don’t worry blindly

After we upgraded from the daughter -in -law to the pregnant mother, we said that they were not nervous and not worried that they were fake. After all, if the baby is in the uterus, you can’t see anything. He looks good or healthy and unhealthy.All Baoma is mixed with five flavors, and there is no emotional change. Some pregnant mothers are nervous, worried, excited, and the baby’s fetal movement is too powerful and feels worried.When you go to someone else’s house to have an unhealthy baby, you are even more worried that all kinds of emotions are called turning over the sea.

Actually, the fetus is developing well or bad. Some of the reactions of our pregnant women can be seen. Don’t believe it, let’s take a look today.

First of all, the first reaction: whether the pregnancy vomiting is normal

Pregnant mothers confirmed that in the first three months after pregnancy, pregnant women basically appeared to varying degrees of pregnancy, especially the smell of oil fume in the kitchen. Therefore, many family members did not understand. After pregnancyEssenceWhen you enter the kitchen, you start to vomit, vomit, don’t be too spiritual!Many prospective dads are so distressed when they look at the pregnant mother. They give them all kinds of Chinese medicine or see a doctor. In fact, the pregnant mother’s pregnancy vomiting just shows that the internal fetus development is better.Everyone knows that pregnant mothers will increase in the body, especially the secretion value of puffed gonad hormones is increasing.The chorionic gonad hormone is a sugar protein hormone secreted by the synthetic layer of the placenta nourishing layer. It will make the gastrointestinal motility of the expectant mother start to slow down, thereby reducing the secretion rate of gastric juice.If we weaken, it will cause pregnant women to have symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.The rise in chorionic gonad hormones means that the fetus is developing well, but because of the different physique of pregnant women, some pregnant women will not experience such pregnancy, and it is normal.

The second reaction: whether the fetal movement is normal

It is a magical moment that the fetal movement can feel the fetal movement, but whether the fetal movement is normal or not, he can also accurately reflect the development of our baby’s baby. It is recommended that pregnant women can develop the counting habit of insisting on fetal movements every day.Generally, the fetal movement within 1 hour is normal in 3-5 times, and it is normal 30-100 times within 12 hours. Of course, some baby babies are super active, very naughty, and may exceed this.No, in fact, I have a lot of heart.If it is normal, the number of fetal movements is less than 10 times, or the number of fetal movements during a certain period of time suddenly increases. If it is more severe, this is abnormal fetal movement. The fetus may have hypoxia in the fetus.This kind of fetal movement will take time to go to the hospital.

Third: Whether the secretion is normal

After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormone levels, the secretions of pregnant mothers will be relatively increased. If the color and taste are not much different from before pregnancy, the fetal development is normal.Conversely, it is best to go to the hospital for examination to make your heart.

Xiaobian wants to say that after pregnancy, we must maintain a happy mood. You are relaxed, and your baby will grow easily and happily.Conversely, you have pressure, nervous all day, and your baby will be nervous, but it will affect the normal development of the baby.What do you think?

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