Where will the eggs go when they are pregnant?Don’t be embarrassed, maybe you may know

Women have menstruation once a month.Menstruation can reflect the health of women.After menstruation, women will experience ovulation.If they catch the same room during ovulation, they will increase the possibility of conception.During the ovulation, women’s bodies will ovulate, causing sperm and eggs to form fertilized eggs.Although it is simple to say, it is still very practical to operate.There will be a certain degree of difficulty. Even in life, many couples have been pregnant for a long time, but they have never moved.

First of all, we need to understand why we found the ovulation day and it is also a roommate, but we have not been pregnant.In fact, women’s eggs are limited in their lives.In their lives, about 400 eggs can be discharged and one less.From the first tide to the menopause period, girls generally face menopamental period until the age of 40 or 50.With the age of age, the child’s discharge means that the menopause means that women have lost their fertility, and after losing fertility, it means no eggs.

Ovocysts are discharged from follicles. If follicle development is inaccurate or immature, it will have a certain impact on the quality of the eggs, so it will cause a decrease in pregnancy probability to a certain extent.If the quality of the eggs is inconsistent, even if the quality of the sperm is good, pregnancy will be particularly difficult, so where will these eggs go after pregnancy failure?Today, we will learn with Xiaobian.

In fact, eggs are just a small cell, and the naked eye cannot be observed. There is an egg excretion every month.Without the success of sperm and fertilized eggs, pregnancy will fail.Therefore, with the pushing of time, egg cells will gradually be absorbed and reused by the human body.

Especially when some mature ovaries are discharged from the ovaries, they will enter the tubal through the umbrella end of the fallopian tube and wait for the arrival of sperm.However, if there are some gynecological inflammation in women, it will be particularly difficult during sperm binding.In addition, they were discharged too long and they lost their original activities.After that, they will wait for the sperm’s arrival to die boringly

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