Where did the discharged eggs go after a woman ligated?May be better after reading

Introduction: Today, when the pressure of life is increasing, many people are afraid of giving birth to children, dare not give birth, and can’t afford to give birth.So many couples will choose to ligate to prevent one of them from paying attention.

In the body

Loeling does not affect the function of the ovarian, so it has no effect on sexy glands secretion, and it can ovulate normally. Only after menopause will the ovaries of female friends gradually shrink, and the eggs will not be discharged.

However, before menopausal, female friends will have some fixed menstrual time every month, so as long as menstruation comes, it means that female friends will have egg excretion, except for pregnancy.

However, after ligation, the eggs excreted every month can only stay in the abdomen and cannot continue to move forward, that is, it isolate the purpose of combining forward swimming and sperm.

In order to achieve the contraceptive effect, in some cases, the eggs will continue to stay in female friends, but there will also be a certain time limit. After effective fertilization time, it will gradually shrink and aging, resulting in gradually death.

Re -definition and absorption of the body

The eggs stay in the abdominal cavity, which will not affect our body, because over time, the eggs will lose activity, and it will be gradually decomposed and absorbed by the solubility and phagocytes in our body, so as to absorb it as nutrients as nutrients.To our bodies.

And when soluble enzymes are dissolved, women actually feel slightly, and even some more sensitive women will feel a little pain, but in the past, because technology was not particularly developed. Generally, technology is not particularly developed. Generally, technology is not particularly developed. Generally, technology is not particularly developed. GenerallyThe effect of contraception is achieved through this method of ligation.

Of course, some women now do not want their children to choose this ligation method for contraception.

After ligation, you can consider the following two methods:

First, it is resumed.If you want your baby, you can first do the tubal reinstatement and re -connect the fallopian tubes on both sides, but the surgical effect cannot be guaranteed. It is possible that the fallopian tubes after resurgence are narrow due to scars.

Second, it is auxiliary reproductive technology.Some girls will directly give up natural conception and choose to assist reproductive technology.Such as artificial insemination, IVF, etc.In recent years, fallopian tubes have rarely carried out, because the postoperative effect is not satisfactory and the surrogacy rate is not high.Therefore, for older women, daily life is more inclined to choose auxiliary reproductive technology.

Conclusion: If you have no plan for your baby for the time being, you must take contraceptive measures to avoid artificial abortion after accidents.Because the more frequent women’s abortion, the more obvious the damage of the uterus is.

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