Where did menstruation go after pregnancy?Obstetrics and gynecologists tell you about the ins and out of menstruation

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Everyone knows that as soon as you are pregnant, menstruation does not come. So where do you go after pregnancy?

Is the menstruation stored after pregnancy? What does the stored menstruation become after giving birth?

Where does menstruation come from and where to go?

Menstruation is formed by cyclical falling and bleeding of the endometrium.

How to achieve periodic changes in endometrium?

This is mainly affected by estrogen and progesterone in the body. The endometrium is like the growth of plants. Estrogen hormone is the nutrients of endometrial growth.

The endometrium, as the plant is more replaced by the four seasons, will experience three phases with the changes in the supply of nutrients.

They are: proliferation period, secretion period, and menstrual period

1. Proliferation period

We compare the endometrium to plant growth and follicles as seeds. At the beginning of the uterine endometrium, under the act of estrogen secreted by follicles, it added a lot of cells that secrete nutrients. Estrogen is fertilizer for cell growth.The main function of these cells is excretion and absorption.It is mainly prepared for the development of fertilized eggs.This process is like the process of seed germination. The seeds (follicles) provide nutrients to promote the growth of the leaves (endometrium).

2. secretion period

When the plant grows to a certain extent, the seeds will no longer provide nutrients for the growth of the leaves. Next, the root system absorbs nutrients from the soil to supply the growth of plants.The endometrium is the same. After the follicles in the ovaries are discharged, they will no longer supply nourishment to the endometrium. Instead, another tissue of the ovary -the luteal, which is equivalent to the root of the plant, replaces the role of follicles.

The luteal obtains energy from the ovaries, and then secretes a large amount of nutrients (estrogen hormone) to promote the continuous proliferation of endometrium, changing the secretion period, and the secretion period is that the endometrium is secreted by various substances, which keeps the endometrium constantly constantlyThickening, becoming soft, and also rich in nutrients, preparing for the development of fertilized eggs.

The endometrium environment of the secretion period is like the soil in spring, rainy rain, abundant rainwater, and soft land, providing a good growth environment for the growth and development of seeds (fertilized eggs) in the future.

3. menstrual period

If the secretion period is not imposed, the luteal will shrink naturally, the level of estrogen hormones suddenly decreases, the function layer of the endometrium instantly disintegrates and falls off, and the blood vessels in the endometrium are broken and bleeding.Menstruation.This is the change in the endometrium during menstrual periods, just like the plants are uprooted, the leaves withered, and they continue to fall.

This is the process of natural regulation of the human body. It is to repair the internal environment of the uterus and re -prepare for the next birth of life.Just like the ancient poem "Grass", "Li Yuan Shangcao, one year old and one years old, the wildfire is endless, and the spring breeze is blowing again." As the season is replaced, the weeds withered first and then re -growing.

After pregnancy, the fertilized eggs drill into the endometrium, and the endometrium is like covering a layer of fertile soil (seed), and the fertilized eggs gradually absorb the nutrition of the soil and surroundings, and develop into a blastocyst (small life).At this time, the cells of the endometrium are affected by female progesterone (nutrients), which constantly becomes large and fat, so the endometrium has changed another name, which is called molt.Bar.It plays a protective and nutritional effect during embryonic development.

The endometrium (molting) that has been stored for more than nine months. After giving birth, the molten (nutrients) will be discharged with the lochia during our pueriner.membrane.The dew is constantly discharged, and the dew containing the linge (endometrium) will be discharged in about two weeks.

Menstruation is a dirt in the eyes of ordinary people. In fact, it is a woman’s natural Qing Daofu.When we are not pregnant, through menstruation, the excrement that is not needed in the uterus is constantly lined up to provide a clean growth environment for the next birth of life.When a small life is bred in the uterus, the menstrual composition becomes a nourishment of life.

In ancient times, some African countries still believed that menstruation was an unknown thing.In fact, menstruation is a symbol of human life. If a woman does not come to menstruation, she cannot have birth and humans cannot reproduce.Therefore, we should face this physiological phenomenon and accept her gladly and be happy for her arrival, because with her, we can be regarded as a complete woman.”医”

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