When you find that you are pregnant, these 4 knowledge points should be known!

A few days ago, Xiaobian went to the cinema to chase my favorite goddess Natali Potman’s "Obliability", which gave me a particularly deep feeling: if we want to live a good life, then we must find a way to make usLife is in the order and order.Once we fall into messy and disorderly, our body functions will be confused, and our lives may be more and more messy like cancer cells grow crazy until they are destroyed.It is not easy for women to love, get married, have children, and childcare.Therefore, you must stabilize yourself and not panic.When you find that you are pregnant, you should not be at a loss when you are ecstatic. These four knowledge points should be known.

First, check whether the pregnancy we test is accurate.

You may not believe it, but you have the same oolong incident when you are pregnant.Indeed, some people had a good time that they were happy. They bought a lot of baby clothes, but they found that they were wrong.Now we generally test whether you are pregnant through pregnancy test strips.At present, the pregnancy test strip used on the market is very accurate; the urine test is used by the pregnancy test paper, and we can basically determine the existence of the pregnancy state.

Second, calculate the time of pregnancy.

When we know that we are pregnant, we will calculate how long we have been pregnant.Women with a regular menstrual cycle, her ovulation date is relatively stable.We can start a few days through the first day of the last menstrual period, and the number of days that count is basically the time for our pregnancy.But if you usually have irregular menstruation, such as only twice to three menstruation a year, then there is no way to calculate how long pregnancy has been calculated through your own judgment. At this timeCome to judge the time of pregnancy.

Third, judge whether the embryo position is normal.

This is very, very important!The editor specifically reminds everyone, because I happened to have a girlfriend who was still lying at home because of this.The culprit is a term we often heard -ectopic pregnancy.Because the embryo is not in bed, the pregnancy must be terminated.Otherwise, it will only bring more and more threats to the mother’s life.The fetus is impossible to survive.

Another relatively special situation is for pregnant mothers who have carried out cesarean section.Corresponding inspections should be performed in the early pregnancy. Let’s take a look at our embryo. Is it just on the scar of the cesarean section.If it is unfortunate, it is so coincidence that the doctor also recommends that early pregnancy is terminated, because this is very dangerous to the mother and the fetus.

In this world, except for life and death, everything else is a trivial matter.Therefore, everyone must not look at the embryo position related to life safety.

Fourth, judge the quality of embryos.

To judge the quality of the embryo, we cannot achieve it through simple urine examination.Doctors need to determine the quality of the embryo through the growth of the level of pregnancy -related hormones through dynamically checking the level of pregnancy -related hormone levels, as well as the growth of ultrasound, fetal buds and embryos.

㊗️ Everyone is pregnant!

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