When you are pregnant, how should you replenish folic acid scientifically?

Folic acid after pregnancy

It’s all the things that all pregnant mothers must do

But have you replenished the dose to the standard?

1. What is folic acid?

Folic acid is a kind of water -soluble B vitamin. It is an important physiological metabolic activity involved in the human body’s internal storage. It is an essential element for synthetic nucleic acids. It is a substance necessary for cell growth and tissue repair.Essence900,000 newly born children in my country each year, inadequate folic acid is an important reason for birth defects.

2. Which groups need to do folic acid metabolic capacity gene test?

Folic acid metabolic genetic tests are suitable for all people, especially women who plan to be pregnant or pregnant: newlyweds, women during pregnancy, women during pregnancy, lactating women, etc.

Among them, the key testing people are:

1. Elderly pregnant women

2. Women who have miscarriage, premature birth, or even fetal stops of unknown reasons

3. Women who have had neurotic defects, Tang’s syndrome, congenital heart disease, cleft lip and palate children.

Third, the harm of insufficient folic acid

The harm to pregnant women is prone to the following diseases:

1. Pregnancy hypertension

2. Premature birth, habitual abortion

3. Giant red blood cell anemia

The harm to the fetus is prone to

1. Neural tube defects

2. Tang’s syndrome

3. Congenital heart disease

4. Clears

However, the more folic acid is not eaten, the better, and the excess of folic acid is also harmful to pregnant women and fetuses.

1. Affect the absorption of fetal zinc and make the fetus the abnormal development;

2. Maternal women folic acid allergy, such as fever, difficulty skin itching, etc.;

3. Increase the risk of breast cancer and colonic adenocular cancer in pregnant women;

4. Cover the deficiency of vitamin B12, leading to symptoms such as pregnant women’s physical deficiency, neurasthenia, and malignant anemia.

4. How should she supplement folic acid during pregnancy?

Principles: Can’t make up more, you can’t make less, folic acid supplement requires personalization

In 1997, the Ministry of Health began to recommend pregnant women uniformly supplement folic acid, with a dose of 400 micrograms/day (from 3 months before pregnancy, to 3 months after pregnancy,) but because each of us has different physique, the absorption of folic acid is also absorbed by folic acid.Different, some people can be satisfied with the body, but some are not absorbed, and the above problems may occur. ThereforeIt is not conducive to the health of the fetus and pregnant women with too little or too much supplement.

The reference volume provided by the China Disease Prevention and Control Center Maternal and Child Health Center for pregnancy folic acid utilization ability test during pregnancy:

Author: Zhao Min

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