When will it start?

Picture source picture book "The Story of Chicken Chicken"


Maybe one day, the child will ask "Where do I come from?"

"Why don’t my sister JJ?"

"Why do boys stand with urine and girls are sitting?"

Such a problem, maybe you will feel difficult to enlighten your teeth, look embarrassed, and then you have shifted the topic.

However, sex education is a compulsory course for growth.

It’s just a bit different, there will be a feeling of shame.

To tell our children, it is different from telling the story of the picture book.

It’s like my son asked me, "Dad, how did I come?"

"You were born together by mom and dad."

"No, no, it was born in my mother’s belly."

I believe many parents stopped the answer here.

But the child will definitely think that since I was born by my mother, what did my dad do?Why is there a father?

Therefore, I have always told my children that they were born together by mom and dad.

Half of my dad, half of my mother, we all love you.

But the son asked, "How did my parents give birth to me together?"

At this time, I was a bit unable to fight.

Then he also read this book "Xiao Wei Rush forward", and the effect was very good.

After watching it, he basically knew what it meant.

It’s just a weird child, and will ask you, how did Xiao Wei swim in the past?

At this time, I can only tell him, "This, wait for you to get bigger, let me tell you again."

In the face of children’s problems, our difficulty is that the knowledge of our sex education is very lacking.


The sex education we received that year was almost blank.

For example, when you ask how you come from.

The parents who were frightened by your question answered:

"Picked it up", "Under the bed", "Picked it in the pit", "Falling out of Squeaks", "The flood rushed" …

Some children really take this seriously and cry for this.

I remember a little friend of me was really sad. He said that Dad told him that he picked up from the outside. He was very afraid that his parents would not love himself anymore.

Therefore, I think that the child asked where he came from. They mainly wanted to determine the contact between their parents, and determined whether their parents would always love themselves and build a sense of security by asking questions.

Therefore, be sure to tell the child:

You were born together by your parents, and you are the best children. Like Xiao Wei, you win from hundreds of millions of players and become our child. You are great.

In this way, the child will not only get a sense of security, but also get the inspiration from the parents.

I think that the sexual education enlightenment of children when I was a child can be more hazy and beautiful. Do not engage in some naked science pictures for children.Because children at different stages are different in sex, growth is quietly proceeding.

For example, if you are 0-2 years old, children in the infantile period will start to know the genitals, including the inner body of the genitals, and will distinguish between men and women by themselves, such as "father, mother" and "boys, girls".

I remember when my son was two years old, he knew the difference between herself and the girl who played together, saying that he had a chick, and the little sister did not.

By the age of 2-6, children will strengthen their gender awareness, and they will like some toys and games that meet their gender.

For example, boys will worship strength -like things, like strong trucks, and prestigious dinosaurs.

And girls like some pink, colorful dolls.

At this time, as long as the parents are educated, the child will understand some basic knowledge, such as having a baby and a baby to complete, the baby grows up in the mother’s womb; you can understand that the body is his own, and you can not let others touch ""Private parts" can refuse inappropriate contact;

Generally, when children are over 6 years old, they will have a basic understanding of the sex.Of course, this varies from person to person.I remember one time with a 7 -year -old nephew to swim. He suddenly took off his light and didn’t feel shy, but the other 6 -year -old child seemed to be shy and didn’t want to change clothes in front of so many people.

At this stage, children have a basic understanding of the relationship between gender, and they understand and form respect for privacy, nakedness and others.

The main purpose of giving children the correct sexual enlightenment at a child is to help children find the connection between themselves and their parents, build a sense of security, and transport love.

At the same time, I told children to know how to protect themselves and avoid risks in the process of growth.


Sexual education is a very comprehensive education. Parents understand the children’s psychological characteristics and needs to guide their children correctly.

A mother left a message saying that her son who was more than 3 years old always played chicks, so that the chicks were swollen and inflamed.

Another mother said that her daughter sometimes sat on the chair and clamped her legs, and her face was still flushed.

I really do n’t know why the child is like this. I do n’t know what to do?

In fact, you really don’t worry. This is a very normal behavior. What parents need to accept and guide, rather than blame and worry.

Children’s exploration of private parts is generally curious. It may make him feel comfortable by accident, but this is not sexual or precocious.

From the perspective of children’s psychological perspectives, although this behavior of children is similar to adult masturbation, but in fact the two are not the same thing.

Playing genitals for small age can be said to be just for simplicity, not a mature sexual behavior.Just like a baby starts to know his hand at a stage, and often lie there to observe and play with players.The body explored by children includes: fingers, toes, mouths, noses, navels, genitals, and so on.

If you find such behaviors, parents can try to divert their children’s attention, such as inviting him to do games or take them out to help them reduce this behavior and slowly terminate.

In daily life, parents should pay attention to wearing loose cotton clothes for their children, which can transfer their children’s attention. In terms of language and expression, they should be just right and natural.When you take a bath for your children, you can tell the child that it is a very important place for us. It needs to be protected. Others cannot touch them, and they cannot touch them.

In addition, you must tell your child to protect your body, and no one can touch the body part of the clothes covered.

And in addition to the privacy parts covered by clothes, our mouths, ears, and necks cannot let others touch them at will.

These self -protection knowledge must tell the children as soon as possible.

The sex education of our school is lacking.

Therefore, it is especially important to allow them to have a good sex education enlightenment before the age of 10.


If children have entered adolescence, sex education is particularly important.

Some film and television programs and books are nihilistic about sexual descriptions, making children fascinating.

The yellow pictures and websites on the Internet are also poisoned by children, so parents have to do a good job of firewall.

You can buy some professional high -quality sex education books for your children. Parents can read it by themselves. They feel that good can be given to the child, and even write what they want to say.

Another method is the "peer education" that are more popular in Britain, the United States and other countries in recent years. It uses the influence of friends to develop the negative influence from society through the development of young people’s self -education and self -service groups.

There is no hindrance to communicate with the child. I remember that a group of boys in the bedroom talked about sexual topics in the bedroom. I always talked a little more like a lecturer, and then everyone talked around.You can also learn a lot of knowledge.

Finally, I recommend a few good sex education picture books to children:

The gentle picture and gentle language of "The Story of the Chicken" tell them the origin of life.

The book "The Story of the Breast" and "The Story of the Chicken" are sisters. They are all recommended by Hu Ping, a Chinese child sex education expert. These two books, boys and girls can read, only understand, only understand, only understand.They are not so curious.

"I am a girl, my brother is a boy" tells the children that boys and girls are different;

All the enlightenment of "Xiaowei forward" will be mentioned;

"My brother is born" is suitable for the second child to explain the pregnancy and childbirth to the child;

This hard -to -open lesson always needs to learn. Parents should try their best to help their children to take this lesson.

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