When watching the movie, the audience "shaking the legs", the man was angry …

are you

If you have anything to do, you are uncomfortable without shaking your legs?

"Shake Leg Star" in life is not uncommon

But some people were beaten!

These two days


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Recently, the People’s Procuratorate of Qingpu District, Shanghai, filed a public prosecution on a man with intentional injury.

In February 2022, after the man Deng bought a movie ticket, he watched the movie with his wife at a cinema. When he saw the wonderful place, the audience shaking the legs and the seat was shaking.Deng Mouxin was dissatisfied with each other and scolded the other party, "What are you doing? I can’t watch it like this."

The opponent stopped shaking his legs, but he intentionally kicked the front seat with his feet intentionally or unintentionally, causing the seat to shake again.Deng was furious, thinking that watching the movie was destroyed, and regardless of his wife’s blocking, he grabbed the other party, and punched him to the opposition.The theater was dim, and the two twisted together. After Deng Mou’s face hit a few punch, he was pulled away by several audiences.

After identification, the man in the back row was beaten by Deng, causing facial bleeding, inner wall and lower wall fractures of the right eye, forming a secondary secondary, and the court made the aforementioned judgment.

Many netizens said

"He has done what I have always wanted to do"

Some netizens also said

Although such people are really annoying

But beating is wrong

There are also netizens

Analysis from the perspective of science medical care

"Shaking your legs is a disease, you have to treat!"


Is it a kind of disease shaking?

In daily life, most people shaking their legs are actually a bad living habit. It is said that the behavior of "shaking their legs" can relieve the soreness of legs and accelerate the flow of blood backflow for those who have been sitting for a long time.It can also help us release tension and anxiety.

However, some people’s shaking legs are a disease. Medically, it is called Bing Leg syndrome. The main symptoms are manifested by shaking their legs.Or legs spasm.

Although children or adolescents sometimes appear in the developmental period, adolescence, or rapid growth period, the most common from middle -aged to the elderly.Factors that trigger Bing Leg syndrome include:

Who is prone to Bingning leg syndrome?

Genetic factors: Studies have found that about half of the people who have a rattling leg syndrome have a family history.

Gender: Women are more likely to suffer from indecent leg syndrome than men. It is speculated that it is due to the influence of hormones.

Anemia or iron deficiency: RLS often occurs in related diseases such as iron deficiency anemia.

Other nutritional deficiency: including magnesium deficiency or folic acid deficiency.

Varic veins: leg veins, that is, the unhealthy vein of the valve failure or the blood flowing to the legs, can cause RLS symptoms in many patients.

Chronic diseases that affect the kidney or lung: including obstructive pulmonary disease or kidney disease, can cause electrolyte imbalance.RLS is also common among patients with end -stage nephrotidosis.

Pregnancy: Studies have shown that the risk of pregnant women’s unbounded leg syndrome increased, especially in the late pregnancy, although RLS usually disappears shortly after childbirth.As many as 25%of women appear RLS during pregnancy.

Autoimmune diseases or diabetes: In patients with diabetes, neurological symptoms (such as neurotransmitters) usually occur, which may cause non -pendant leg syndrome.

Cognitive disorder: Including Parkinson’s disease.

Although there is a scientific basis

For those who are involuntarily shaking their legs, they are free,

But don’t be too unhappy.↓↓↓

As soon as the leg behavior is indecent in public, handsome guys and fairies still have to stay dignified.

Secondly, shaking your legs is just a local exercise, and the intensity is not great. If you really want to strengthen your body, you need to work hard to exercise.

Sanlai shaking legs has psychological dependence. Although it can relieve anxiety, it can be psychologically burden if it develops into anxiety without shaking legs.

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