When the wife gave birth to four daughters, she was pregnant. The husband left home and proposed a divorce. The local women’s federation responded urgently

In today’s society, with the continuous rise in living costs, the concept of multi -child and blessing has gradually been abandoned.But in some remote areas, the news of poor families has a lot of news. It is still common.Among them, the influence of traditional concepts also stems from the man’s obsession with his son.Recently, a netizen exposed the daily life of raising four daughters alone.In the warm picture, it also contains the bitterness and helplessness of life.

It is understood that after marriage, the woman has had four daughters.Recently, she was pregnant again.For the pressure of life, the husband proposed a divorce and moved away from the home.In desperation, women can only bear the burden of life alone.Not only do you need to work, but also take care of the children’s daily life.Although the sensible children gave her a lot of comfort, the pressure of life made her quite tired.

In the video screen, the woman is busy at hand.According to it, for one more income, daily overtime overtime has become the norm.And for the children to take care of, they had to bring them around.In the small room, a family of five was crowded.The lively atmosphere allowed the woman to get a little relaxation for the time being.But the fact that she was pregnant also made her worry about the future.After all, as the children in the belly are getting bigger and bigger, whether she can persist in heavy work, she must also draw a big question mark.

When it comes to her husband, the woman’s tone is full of helplessness.Since its divorce, it only promised to receive a raising fee of 1,000 yuan per month.This money is quite difficult to raise four daughters.For the fifth child, it seems more to be a salary.

After the exposure of women’s experience in the Internet, it also attracted the attention of the local women’s federation.According to the staff, they have urged the woman’s husband to return to the family as soon as possible and assume the heavy responsibility of raising children.At the same time, the actual situation of the woman will also be considered and given assistance when necessary.

At the same time, the incident also caused heated discussion among netizens.Some netizens sympathized with women’s experience, and at the same time rebuked their husband’s retreat.However, some netizens said that their family situations are average, and they should not have so many children.It not only drags themselves, but not provides children with better living conditions.Although the woman did not disclose the specific reasons for her husband’s departure from home, some netizens speculated that it may also have the traditional conceptual influence of male light women.Among the thoughts of many people, only when they have a son can they pass on to the generation and inherit their incense.As for the daughter, after all, the water to be splashed out will one day leave the house.

Of course, no matter how hidden the husband’s actions have, it cannot be used as a reason for throwing his wife and abandonment.Since the child has been born, he should have the corresponding obligation.This behavior is undoubtedly irresponsible to transfer all the pressure on his wife.

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