When the sexes are close, do not believe these 6 sentences that men often say, be careful of being routine!

In the life of husband and wife, communication between men and women is very important, but due to the sensitivity of sexual topics, many people are not good at expressing their needs and ideas.Men often use some oral meditation to represent their intentions and emotions, but these words often have far -reaching meanings and welcomes, which are easy to make women misunderstand and deceive.

Therefore, this article will focus on the 6 words that men often say in the life of husband and wife, and don’t believe it, be careful of being routine! "This theme discusses the true meaning and possible psychological motivation of men in the life of husband and wife to help women be moreUnderstand the words of men and avoid being deceived.At the same time, this article also emphasizes the importance of communication and rational thinking in husband and wife, and hopes that readers can benefit from it.

1. "I will control it and not shoot in"

Men will say this in sex, saying that they can control the release time and will not be released in women.However, in the case of high excitement and emotional impulse, men’s control may decline and lead to release.In addition, even if the man really controls the release, the liquid liquid may flow out in vitro, which leads to the risk of accidental pregnancy.

2. "Endog shooting will not get pregnant"

Men often avoid unexpected pregnancy by "in vitro release".However, even if a man shoots the little liquid outside the sexual behavior, an accidental pregnancy may still occur.This is because the small tadpoles in the small liquid may survive near the port of the female genitalia and enter the female body, which leads to pregnancy.Therefore, women should be alert to men’s use of in vitro release as a contraceptive method in sexual behavior.

3. "The safe period will not get pregnant"

The safety period refers to the time period when women’s menstrual cycle is not easy to get pregnant.Men often replace other contraceptive methods with a safe period to reduce the tediousness and inconvenience of contraception.However, the safety period is not 100 % reliable, because the length and ovulation time of the women’s menstrual cycle are not completely fixed.In addition, because the small tadpoles can survive in women for several days, the same room within a few days after the end of the safety period may still lead to pregnancy.

4. "Afterwards, contraceptives have no effect"

Afterwards, contraceptives are an emergency contraceptive method, which is suitable for 72 hours after sexual behavior.Men may replace other contraceptive methods with no side effects after incidents.However, improper use of contraceptives afterwards may lead to a series of side effects, such as headache, nausea, vomiting, etc.In addition, afterwards, contraceptives cannot be guaranteed to be 100 % effective, so it should not be a conventional contraceptive method.

5. "I am allergic to condoms"

Men sometimes say that they are allergic to condoms to avoid using condoms.But this excuse is actually not established, because the materials of modern condoms are already very safe, and there is almost no allergies.If a man refuses to use condoms, women should be alert to whether he really cares about her health.

6. "Wash it afterwards, and the urine will not get pregnant."

Men sometimes say that if women wash or urinate after sexual behavior, they will not get pregnant.However, this is a wrong saying.When the male releases, the small tadpoles in the liquid liquid have entered the woman’s body. Even if women are cleaned as soon as possible, it is impossible to completely remove all the small tadpoles.Therefore, it is important to use condoms or other contraceptive measures.

It is important not to be routines in the life of husband and wife.The following are some suggestions for preventing routines:

Acceptance education: learning sexual knowledge and contraception, and ensure that you understand the truth, and do not be misleaded by the wrong concept and rumors.

Using contraceptive measures: contraceptive measures include condoms, oral contraceptives, contraceptives, contraceptive skin stickers, etc.Choosing a contraceptive method that suits you and the correct use of contraceptive tools can greatly reduce the risk of accidental pregnancy.

Establish a relationship of mutual trust: In the life of husband and wife, the two sides should establish mutual trust and respect for each other, jointly decide whether to conduct sexual behavior, and reach consensus to prevent unpleasant situations.

Choose a partner carefully: Choose a reliable and honest partner, establish a stable relationship, and maintain moderate communication and interaction, which can reduce the risk of being routine.

Ensure that sexual behavior occurs when both sides agree: Before sexual behavior, you should ensure that both parties agree to perform sexual behavior to avoid compulsory or disagreement.

Safe sexual behavior is very important for female friends, which can protect them from being troubled by sexual transmission diseases and accidental pregnancy.Here are suggestions for some women should follow:

Using contraceptive measures: Women can avoid pregnancy by using multiple methods such as condoms, oral contraceptives, and contraceptive stickers.While using contraceptive measures, it can also effectively prevent diseases.

Confirm the safety of partners: Before sexual behavior, women should confirm whether their partner has sexual transmission of diseases, and should try to avoid sexual behavior with multiple partners.

Adhere to the use of condoms: If women choose and have different partners, they should insist on using condoms to protect themselves from being infected with sexually transmitting diseases.

Perform sexual health examinations regularly: Women should conduct regular health checks to ensure their physical health and timely discover and treat any potential sexual transmission diseases.

Learn to say "no": women have the right to refuse anything they don’t want to do.If women feel uncomfortable or unsafe, they should learn to say "no" and insist on their own decisions.

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