When the pregnant mother is hungry, is it the baby who is hungry?

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There are many channels for pregnant mothers to gain knowledge. There is an interesting phenomenon. I wonder if everyone noticed?

Pregnant mothers who are pregnant can feel often hungry from early pregnancy, but often eat a little, the stomach will swell and can’t eat.But I ca n’t go through for a while, I feel that I am hungry, so I have to eat less meals.I feel that I can eat a few meals every day, without adding snacks, and the whole becomes a foodie.The baby and pregnant mothers are one. So, who is hungry, is it clear?

Since the pregnancy is pregnant, there are very few adverse reactions in the early pregnancy, but they just feel that they are always hungry.So after eating and eating, the swallow became a fat pregnant woman before it was long.Become two people.

We are curious about how you eat so fat?Still so fast?Be fat like blowing?Swallow said helplessly, not all because of the baby in my stomach. I didn’t feel hungry just after eating.If you want to bear it for a while, you are afraid of being hungry to your baby, so you have to eat, eat as soon as you are hungry, and then eat it, then this is the case …

Yanzi said that when she felt hungry, the baby in her belly would kick her belly, a small head, and she didn’t know where it came from. I couldn’t stand it.As long as you eat something, the little guy will not move, as if he is full of sleepy, quiet, it is estimated that he is asleep.

When the pregnant mother is hungry, is it the baby who is hungry?

Answer: Yes.Because of the development of fetal baby, a lot of nutrition is needed every day.However, the fetal baby does not have enough ability to store the body. In addition, the fetal baby absorbs the nutrition of the mother through the placenta and umbilical brings, which is the nutrition of the mother’s transformation.EssenceIf the pregnant mother does not eat in time, it will cause the baby to be hungry. It is often so, which may affect the health of the baby.

What should pregnant mothers do to ensure the healthy development of the baby baby?

First of all, pregnant mothers should ensure that the dietary nutrition should be comprehensive. This will not only ensure the physical needs of the baby, but also the health of the pregnant mother also requires sufficient nutrition.Think about it, from a fertilized egg that can be seen from the naked eye, after more than 280 days of breeding, it can only be described by high -speed and rapid development of about 6 pounds.The hundreds of times the baby’s growth is the nutrition provided by the mother’s mother.

Experience of pregnancy:

In the middle and late pregnancy, the baby’s baby has entered the "fast track" of growth, and it requires comprehensive nutrition, especially after the fetus is in the pelvic cavity later, reducing the squeeze of the stomach.At this time, the pregnant mother will feel this way: How can I be hungry again after eating?Did I just eat fake meals?In fact, at this time, the baby’s development needs to be nutritious again. Pregnant mothers cannot be hungry to the baby.

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