When the daughter -in -law is pregnant, the mother -in -law’s daughter -in -law is short and the daughter -in -law will affect the next generation.

The daughter -in -law was pregnant, and the mother -in -law said to the daughter -in -law: "You go to the hospital to do the child, you are too short, it will affect the next generation."

The 26 -year -old Xiao Zhang married Xiao Li, one year younger than himself, and the two married freely.Xiao Zhang belongs to a woman’s normal height of 1.60 meters, and Xiao Li 1m 88 is a high body among men.

After the two got married, Xiao Zhang felt that Xiao Li didn’t understand the grievances he had suffered in this family. He felt tired in his heart, but Xiao Li felt that Xiao Zhang loved to turn his old account.

In the first year after marriage, the couple who did not want the child yet. Suddenly an accident, Xiao Zhang became pregnant. The mother -in -law learned that Xiao Zhang’s reaction after pregnancy made Xiao Zhang puzzled.

The daughter -in -law is pregnant, and the grandchildren who will have my grandchildren will be very happy?However, her mother -in -law was repeated again and again, and asked Xiao Zhang to go to the hospital to kill the fetus.

Xiao Zhang was not in a hurry to ask for a child due to work, but her mother -in -law always asked Xiao Zhang to get a fetus. Instead, Xiao Zhang decided to give birth to this child. The mother -in -law often said that Xiao Zhang was too short, which would affect the next generation. Often, it would affect the next generation. OftenIt urged Xiao Zhang to go to the hospital as a fetus. Xiao Zhang said that I was the normal height of the girl. Standing with your son, I looked short.

The mother -in -law was 1.65 meters tall, and she was a few centimeters tall than Xiao Zhang. Xiao Li’s height followed his father. His father was also 1.8 meters, a little shorter than Xiao Li.

However, in my mother -in -law, Xiao Zhang was not tall, she was very thin and thin, and she stood with Xiao Li. She seemed to take her daughter as a dad, afraid of the children born in the future., But the two are free to fall in love, and Xiao Li has to marry Xiao Zhang. The mother -in -law had no choice but to agree to the two people get married.

After the marriage, I lived with my in -laws. The in -laws were retired workers. Xiao Zhang was half an hour early than Xiao Li. The mother -in -law waited for her daughter -in -law to go home and called her to help me cook together.Can eat.

As long as Xiao Zhang went home from get off work, her mother -in -law asked Xiao Zhang to do things, so she didn’t give Xiao Zhang idle.

Because of the first three months of pregnancy, Xiao Zhang often spit out and couldn’t eat it, and people were not mentally. The mother -in -law often said that she asked Xiao Zhang to give birth. Xiao Zhang looked for Xiao Li to complain. Xiao Li Man said that you were marrying me.It’s not my mother, don’t care what my mother said.

Xiao Zhang thinks Xiao Li’s attitude,

I do n’t understand the grievances in my heart, and I feel that it ’s useless to tell Xiao Li, and my heart is particularly uncomfortable.

When I was pregnant for two months, Xiao Zhang had a poor constitution, and because of the pressure of work, and was disgusted by her mother -in -law. His long -term grievances could not be vent.

I found that I was in the hospital when I was in the hospital.

It was a twin, Xiao Zhang felt very regrettable and sad. Xiao Zhang suggested to be hospitalized for a few days to observe for several days because of poor physique and anemia.

Xiao Li invited Xiao Zhang for two days, and a takeaway in the hospital for three meals a day. After being discharged, Xiao Zhang went to work for another two days and went to work. After the abortion, his in -laws did not greet him.I didn’t see my in -laws sad for their children, and Xiao Li was more depressed.

Since then, the smile on Xiao Zhang’s face has become less and less. He often quarrels with Xiao Li. Every time he quarrels Xiao Zhang, Xiao Li said that Xiao Zhang is unreasonable.They all made noisy. What was so noisy? Xiao Zhang felt that this was a thorn in her heart. Every time she made a noise, it was actually hope. Xiao Li could help her out of the thorn.

Because the longer the stabbing in her heart, the more uncomfortable she was, but Xiao Li didn’t understand Xiao Zhang’s grievances.

How far can such two people go?Essence

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