When the American woman was arrested, she shouted, "I’m pregnant!" The police shot her five shots in a row and killed it.

According to US media reports, on Monday, a policeman in Texas, USA, shot a woman and killed it.On -site videos showed that the two involved had quarreled, and the shooting woman had claimed to be pregnant.

The shooting occurred in Baytown, about 25 miles east of Houston.Police in Beidun town said on Tuesday that the police involved at the time of the incident were patrolling in an apartment building and tried to arrest the woman, because the police knew that the 45 -year -old woman had not executed the arrest order.

Police said the police officer was a veteran who had served in the police office for 11 years. When the arrest operation was performed, the woman grabbed the police’s electric shock gun and tried to use it to resist. The police immediately fired at her.

In the video, the woman claimed that the police were "harassing me" and claimed that she was "walking at home."It is reported that in the video, after being pressed to the ground, she also seemed to be explaining to the police that she was pregnant and stretched her hands to the police.After a while, the police fired five shots.

Police said that the police officer tried to rescue the woman after the shooting, and found that she had died on the spot.

At present, the woman’s information has not yet been announced.The police said that the woman was unable to confirm whether the woman was pregnant, and the autopsy will verify it, and the police involved were not injured.

"During the arrest of the police, the deceased began to resist the arrest and forced the police to use his electric shock gun." Belun police said, "But the electric shot gun did not stop the woman. She also used the electric shock to the police.Police use his weapons and shoot it. "

According to local media reports of Houston, a woman claiming to be a mournful woman’s niece said that the woman was not pregnant and suffered from mental problems.CNN reports that the family names the deceased name is PAMELA SHANTAY TURNER.

Police spokesman said, "This is a tragic event for all people involved. Of course, we express condolences to the deceased and their families."

Although the local police did not announce the name of the police involved, as the investigation was opened in this case, the police were already in a state of paid leave.

Cover Journalist Yan Lei

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