When she is pregnant, her mother -in -law is unwilling to take care of. Mom can’t come. When she goes home, she is tired and has to do housework. What should I do?

Personally, you think you are a bit confusing!You can take care of yourself or let your husband take care of himself, instead of expecting parents to be parents!How can you get used to your husband like this?

Really, you shouldn’t expect your mother -in -law and his mother, because they have no responsibility and obligation to take care of you!You should always expect only yourself and your husband!

Because the child is what you want, it is your child!Whether you are or your husband who is pregnant, you should be responsible for your own behavior, and you should be responsible for your child!

When your body is uncomfortable, your husband should take care of your responsibility!

Whether in terms of laws and regulations, or reasonablely, the husband should be a person who has worked with you with you to share many issues such as taking care of your wife’s pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, sickness and other issues.

As for your husband’s situation now, when your wife is very tired and uncomfortable when you are pregnant, you have to cook vegetables and laundry it yourself.

If it is occasionally, I think I can forgive it.If this is always the case, is it necessary to continue this marriage?Is it necessary to give birth to a child?

You really shouldn’t expect your mother, even if your father’s legs are good, try not to trouble her!She has worked hard for you for a lifetime!Instead of care, you have to trouble her, how can you bear it?

Don’t expect your mother -in -law!If my mother -in -law is here, there is a contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, and the responsibility of pregnant women and maternal women will only take care of your husband and future children. What do you do?

Because my mother -in -law is completely two strangers that have nothing to do with you, just because her son is married to you.

If she was not very satisfied with you, maybe she still wanted her son to centrifuge with you, and then find a daughter -in -law!

So I do n’t want to take care of you at all. Even if you come, it ’s Yang Fengyin. Even if you provoke separation while your husband, you want to dismantle you.

Looking at the situation where your mother -in -law lives and die, it is estimated that even if your mother -in -law is here, you will not have a good life. Maybe the life is worse than now!

So the first thing you have to do is to cultivate and urge your husband to cook vegetables and wash clothes to do housework!And tell him that you will have a confinement and children in the future. He must know these things!

It was also what he should do.Even if he doesn’t like it, even if he doesn’t know much, he must encourage and praise him, let him be a warm man and a husband who can rely on!

In addition, you still have to take care of yourself as much as possible!You can’t do anything because you are pregnant!This mentality and ideas are wrong!

A moderate amount of exercise and a good mentality are very, very important for pregnant women!

If you feel that cooking is too difficult to cook vegetables, you can consider buying takeaway, or you eat directly outside. As for your husband, shouldn’t a big man start learning to cook and cook for pregnant women?

I feel that washing clothes are too tired, buy a washing machine!Liberate you from housework!

Doctors do not also say that pregnant women should also exercise appropriately, then you do nothing!As long as you don’t endanger your child, you still have to improve yourself and be self -reliant!

In addition, don’t resign!As far as you describe the image of your husband, I personally think that he is unreliable and is a man who cannot rely on.

Moreover, the state has many protection measures and benefits for pregnant women, children, and lactating women. If you resign, you can’t enjoy these benefits!

hold onto!Think about the soldiers of the soldiers. The husband is not around, and he can rely on himself. He is pregnant and has a child and a housework. Relatively speaking, your husband is still around, and occasionally you can get a handle!

If you don’t plan to divorce or kill your children, then you should start to plan from now on. One is to cultivate and urge your husband to learn to be a housework management family!Secondly, if you need to consider asking the moon or nanny, you can take care of your children during confinement or breastfeeding!

Alas, since no one takes care of you, why can’t you suspend your child?Or when your husband or your parents are strongly requested to ask for a child, talk about the conditions and ask the child!

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