When pregnant mothers have these three feelings, don’t be lazy and careless. Go to the hospital immediately for examination

Pregnancy is a major event in life for every woman. Pregnant mothers throughout pregnancy must not only pay more attention to various changes in their bodies, but also have some taboos.The mother’s own health will also affect the growth and development of the baby’s baby. Therefore, during this special time during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must learn more related pregnancy knowledge to escort.Since Minmin has become particularly delicate since her pregnancy, the whole person has become particularly delicate, and severe pregnancy reactions will not be said, and Minmin always can’t bear to sobble, especially the most serious pregnancy vomiting, all make Min Min feel unbearable. Every timeAfter the vomiting, tears were full of tears, and her mother -in -law and husband were particularly unforgiving. The mother -in -law said that when she was pregnant, she was not as delicate as Min Min. In the third trimester, Minmin’s swelling phenomenon was particularly powerful.I feel that my hands and feet are edema, and the feeling of swelling on my feet is difficult to get to the ground. It was difficult to do during the pregnancy test. The doctor told Min Min that fortunately, the examination of the long -term edema can easily cause the pregnancy hypertension and affect the normal development of the baby.EssenceIn fact, there are a lot of matters that need to pay attention to during pregnancy, especially these three points. The pregnant mother must pay attention to it, otherwise it will affect the growth and development of the fetus.

1. Obviously feel that your fetal movement is abnormal

Generally speaking, when it comes to April to May, pregnant mothers can feel obvious fetal movements. Some pregnant mothers may be slightly earlier, and some may be later.The regular, rhythmic, and not much coastalization, so the pregnant mother must learn to count the fetal movement at this time.If the pregnant mother noticed that the number of fetal movements is reduced or the fetal movement is relatively large, at this time, they must go to the hospital for examination immediately, which shows that the baby may be in danger of hypoxia in the stomach of the pregnant mother.Don’t be lazy.

2. Feeling stomach pain

If the pregnant mother feels that her stomach has a pain when she is pregnant, they must go to the hospital for examination immediately, which indicates that the baby may have danger. It may be the sign of premature birth and premature placenta.Pregnant mothers may wait at this time, and some pregnant mothers may not take this symptom at all, but even if you think it’s okay, it will cause the baby to danger.Just seek medical treatment immediately.

3. Feel severe edema

Generally, in the third trimester, pregnant mothers will have more or less swelling. This kind of edema is mainly based on the personal constitution of pregnant mothers. Generally, edema is mainly concentrated in the hands and lower limbs of the pregnant mother., Pregnant mothers can choose to raise their legs to relieve edema, but if this is done, the edema will not be relieved, and the pregnant mother will go to the doctor immediately.Some serious ones will endanger the health of fetal treasure.

In fact, for pregnant mothers, each stage of pregnancy requires pregnant mothers to pay special attention, because this is not only about the health of the pregnant mother, but also affects the growth and development of fetal treasures.When the mother has a discomfort, she must seek medical treatment immediately. Finally, I wish each pregnant mother who can give birth to a baby safely and healthy.

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