When I was pregnant, what should I do if I suddenly found that there is a "small circuit" in the heart?

[I am pregnant, and I find that the heart is more "small circuit?"”【【”

Today, a colleague who has just helped a far away in Shigatse in Tibet will consult a "pre -excitement" syndrome.At the age of 31, he was pregnant for the first time, and he had not been checked before marriage or before pregnancy. For the first time, the electrical picture was very unfortunately discovered by a disease called "pre -excitement".

Normal heart has a normal "circuit".

"Pre -excitement", pre -excitement means that there is an additional "small path" outside the normal "circuit". The circuit first transmits a part of the signal through this "small circuit".Wave.The "small road" on the right heart is manifested as a pre -excitation of type B, and the "small road" with many hearts on the left is manifested as type A pre -excitement, which is the electrocardiogram of this patient.

[So, what is the harm of this "small road"?.

It may lead to "tachycardia", or it may not occur for a lifetime.Patients will be easily panic when they are young, and their heartbeats are fast. "Jump to the throat", which is particularly excited, angry, labor, etc. It is easy to attack, accompanied by different degrees of chest tightness, chest pain and other discomfort.The clock is not available for a few hours, and sometimes the "breath" is returned to normal, and sometimes you need to go to the hospital to "hang water".Most of them are benign, symptoms are not serious, and young people are more tolerated. Many patients discovered an electrocardiogram under the conditions of further studies, joining, joining the army, and marriage inspection.

Of course, long -term tachycardia will induce angina pectoris, aggravate myocardial ischemia, and may lead to expansion of the heart (we call it "hyperactivity myocardial disease").When restoring normal heartbeat (medical "sinus heart rhythm"), it may cause complications such as darkening or syncope with excessive eyes.I have encountered a patient who posted a "tachy -speed" abroad. After returning to Shanghai by plane, he was admitted to the hospital in the middle of the night.Later, in the early morning, he turned into a sinus arrhythmia (normal heartbeat), and a period of heartbeat occurred for a period of time, causing acute heart failure and rescue, and later died of complications.Of course, this is just an extreme example!

There is also a social "harm". With this "pre -excitement", many occupations will be limited, such as: drivers, participation in the army, and some professional restrictions after the college entrance examination.I have reported earlier that an 18 -year -old boy who determined to activate the motherland found "pre -excitement" before participating in the army, and there were many "paths". After 8 hours of surgery, we will relieve the patient. The teenager will join the army in the second half of the year.

[How to treat this "path"?.

Radio frequency ablation can fundamentally eliminate this "path".And this minimally invasive surgery, only one vein puncture point "trauma", does not require long -term medication after surgery, and the recurrence rate is <3%.For the "small road" from the "right heart", this minimally invasive surgery can be performed without rays.For the "small road" from the "left heart", it is best to abundant itself under the auxiliary of rays (there are also cases that do not need rays at all, but increase the difficulty and risk of surgery).Of course, not all the "small roads" need to receive radio frequency ablation. Generally, we will do "electrical examination" first, and confirm that this "path" may lead to a speedy attack.What is going on with "electrical and biological examinations" and "radio frequency ablation" will gradually be disclosed in subsequent reports.

[What about this expectant mother?.

31 years old, "healthy" (that is, the tachycardia has not occurred), has been pregnant, 9 weeks of pregnancy. In this case, patients may not have tachycardia during pregnancy without the symptoms of "pre -excitation".EssenceTherefore, our doctor has no way to predict whether it can continue to be pregnant. At present, there is no evidence that patients will have tachycardia.Of course, the patient needs to be notified of course. With the development of pregnancy, the heart burden will become heavier, especially after the third trimester of pregnancy may induce tachycardia.In this case, you can first consider the "physical" method to terminate the speed of the heartbeat. RF ablation also first considers the non -ray method, but in any case, if the tachycardia caused by "pre -excitement" during pregnancy, forBoth expectant mothers and babies are potential risks, so marriage examinations and pre -pregnancy medical examinations are the right way for eugenics.


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