When I joined the army, my female classmate said that she was waiting for me, and she found that she was pregnant when visiting relatives. After retiring, she divorced

In the early winter of 1986, I was recruited.On the day of changing military uniforms, I came out of the armed department and suddenly met Zhang Meng, a female classmate who had been secretly in love. She stood at the door of the township government and looked at me silently. I might be happy or out of that strange circle.Say goodbye to her, I said, "Little dream, I will go to the army tomorrow, and I always want to tell you individuals. It happened that you are here. There is something to tell you that the class teacher scolded me the hooligan and said that the" Zhang on the blackboard "Zhang ZhangDream I love you!"I wrote it, in fact, I didn’t mean this …"

She burst into tears and said, "I knew it, but I didn’t say it. Actually, I longed for you …"

We talked for a while, and I told her that she wrote to her for her, she nodded, it must be!I’m waiting for you!Nympho

I got on the bus from Xinyi Station and got off at Xuzhou, Jinan, and Suburban Prefecture to Lancun. I was taken over by the 228th regiment to receive the Mashan barracks in Jimo County.

The Mashanying House is divided into the two two battalions of the North and South, the south is the place where the Youth League is located, and two battalions are stationed in the north district.

Mashan is sitting in a lone mountain, with an altitude of more than 90 meters high and a circle of more than 20 square kilometers.The black pine is standing on the mountain, and there are 500 meters of cave in the mountains.

The Mashanying House is 20 kilometers away from Qingdao and 8 kilometers from Jimo County.I ran to Jimo five kilometers off the 28th Camp and the Seven Camp (Scout). The squad leader took us to the department store to buy a bag of laundry powder, which was a white deer.

The recruits were poor. I often went to the army to buy Qingdao calcium milk biscuits. At that time, I ate it.

After training in Mashan for three months, I was stupid at the time, and even the village was forgotten.Just leave three photos of Mashan barracks.

In the second year of the soldiers, I asked the family to apply for a relatives on the grounds that the grandmother’s disease was seriously ill.It’s Zhang Meng, I asked other classmates. The classmate said that she was working at the town department store.I couldn’t wait to find her. When I saw her at the department store, she was selling goods for others, but I found that she had been pregnant for a few months and had a large stomach.I suddenly stopped.

Later, I asked her classmates to know that she married the sons of the deputy township.

Zhang Meng is the school flower class of our class. She is beautiful and beautiful, and I am a front and back seat. Sometimes her homework also borrows plagiarism.At that time, I was putting "Zhi Yin". My heart like cats like her, and she also loved me, but she did not pick up the relationship.I don’t know if the naughty classmate wrote on the blackboard, "Zhang Meng, I love you!" During the class, the class teacher and teacher saw it and knocked on the podium and said, "Who did this?" I flushed my head and blushed.The teacher asked: "XX, did you do it?" I still didn’t squeak.The teacher said angrily, "Little hooligan! …" Then he wiped the chalk.

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I have never Shen Zhang.Zhang Meng also asked me and said, "Nothing, do you love me? I don’t mind …"

My heart is still on Xiao Meng, and sometimes dreaming with her dream of being with her. It is uncomfortable to love someone.I dare not confess when I see it.

I said that I have always wrote twenty -three letters. She did not reply. She asked her classmates to find her. She said that she was busy. It turned out that she had a new candidate.

When I got off work at night, I blocked her at the door of her unit. I asked her what was going on. What about your promises when joining the army?Her tears blurred her eyes and said, "My aunt introduced the sons of the township, and his family arranged me to the supply and marketing agency station …" I understand everything, she is the status and power of the people.She said, "It’s a father -in -law!"

All this is equal to me.I turned angrily and left.

That night I packed my luggage and was ready to return to the team, because I couldn’t appear in my hometown. Everyone knew that she was my target, because when the soldier was snatched by the head of the township, I felt shame.

After returning to the army, I never applied for visiting relatives. Until I retired, I rarely returned home, because I was a town household registration, and I was arranged to work in X Business Bank.Since then, my heart has never thought about her.I bought a house in the city to marry a daughter -in -law, and my life was smooth.

During my time when I was in the township and township bank, she suddenly came to me and said that she was divorced and was thrown by the sons of the township. I didn’t say much, but I arranged several big officials in the town at noon to accompany her to drink.I have no other purpose, I just want to prove that I will be very good.

We rarely come and go, and occasionally meet the meeting when classmates meet. Later, I transferred back to the city. Once my hometown came to me to tell me, "Zhang Meng’s life is miserable. His son got married and went to her.All savings, I heard that the ex -husband was also sentenced to four years for corruption. "

For Zhang Meng, there was a relationship in the past. At present, I am just a classmate relationship with her, but I heard that her mood was very heavy. After all, it was a classmate. I hope she is good.

About 2018, one of my comrades -in -arms Zhang Tao worked in the city grain depot. One day he called me suddenly and said, "Old comrades, you notify several comrades -in -arms to help me, my wife died last night because of myocardial infarction …"I didn’t delay for a minute, and immediately notified several comrades to go to the hospital to help his comrades Zhang Tao handle his wife’s future generations. Poor is that Zhang Tao and a young daughter were only sixteen years old. They were crying in high school and died.The eldest son was a soldier in Hunan, transferred to the city of Liuyang City, and his wife and son.

After the funeral was handled, Zhang Tao and I talked about it. He said, "I don’t have to worry about my son. Only this daughter cried all day long, and the school would not go. What should I do as my father?" Zhang Tao said she said sheHis daughter always dreamed that her mother came back.

After several considerations, I recommended Zhang Meng, let Zhang Tao’s daughter go to Zhang Meng’s house for a while, and wait for the child’s mood to get better before going to class. Zhang Tao said, "This is the best, I can also clean up the annoying mood."

I talked to Zhang Tao’s encounter with Zhang Meng. Zhang Mengmang said agreed. She met Zhang Tao under my recommendation and came into contact with Zhang Tao’s daughter as a classmate. Maybe a woman understands girls, Zhang Meng and her daughter.When talking, Zhang Tao’s daughter was very obedient. Later, he went directly to Zhang Meng to live in the home of Chengnan. One month later, Zhang Meng sent her to school. Zhang Meng and I were classmates. The principal of Chengnan Middle School was also a classmate.Dream quickly solved Zhang Tao’s daughter’s school problem.(Originally Zhang Tao’s daughter was in the city, Zhang Meng turned to school.)

One year later, under the careful care and guidance of Zhang Meng, Zhang Tao’s daughter was admitted to the Nanjing Institute of Audit.

Zhang Tao found me one day, and asked Zhang Meng to dinner, and transferred to Zhang Meng for a hard fee through me.

I asked the two of them together. When I was eating, I talked about hard costs. Zhang Meng did not want to die, and said, "I have brought it for more than a year, although I got up early and night, and my child and I have feelings. She has feelings. She has feelings.As soon as my heart was empty! "Zhang Meng cried.She said, "I don’t want money, as long as the child can go back to my house on vacation."

With this emotion, I said directly, "Zhang Tao, your wife has gone for more than a year, and my daughter is also in college. You and I are in their 50s. I will give you a matchmaker. Let’s talk about it!"Zhang Tao blushed," I have no opinion! "Zhang Meng had no intention of objection.I got up and said, "Let’s talk about it, I have a response …" I left.

I was very busy with work. I have never seen Zhang Tao for two months. When I was about to celebrate the New Year, Zhang Meng called and said that they talked about it. When my daughter returned, I will make a wedding simply.I’m glad, a comrade -in -arms, a classmate is single, how good it is to come together.

On New Year’s Day that year, I held a wedding for Zhang Meng and Zhang Tao.

Time is like shuttle. Now they have been married for two years, and they have lived happily.

I explained to my comrades, and Zhang Meng walked into a happy family life with my help.Bless them.

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