When I am pregnant, there are three types of examinations. It is particularly important.

The pregnancy test during pregnancy is a matter of annoying many pregnant mothers, because the birth check in the early trimester will increase the number of delivery examinations with the time of pregnancy after January.

With the increase of the number of birth checks, many pregnant mothers will be bored with this, and even when they think of doing a checkup, they will be inexplicable, but for the health of the pregnant mothers, even if they have a resistance to the birth check, they will still not miss any delivery.Because they know that the preparation of newborn babies can effectively reduce the prevalence of newborn babies.Therefore, it explained the ancient training of "the woman is weak and the mother is just".So what are the effects of testing during pregnancy?What are the most important check -up?

Many pregnant mothers will choose to do B -ultrasound during pregnancy to reduce the baby’s development risk rate, but the pregnant mothers cannot simply rely on B -ultrasound to ensure the healthy development of the baby.After all, B -ultrasound cannot completely detect the overall development of the baby.So for the healthy development of the baby, the following types of pregnancy tests must not be missed, because these tests are really double guarantees for pregnant mothers and fetal baby:

Pregnant mothers can go to the hospital for this examination at 15-18 weeks of pregnancy. During the examination, the pregnant mother’s peripheral blood should be extracted to check whether their biochemical indicators are abnormal.If necessary, pregnant women will continue to undergo amniotic fluid puncture for further examination. The purpose of this examination is to analyze and determine the risk of fetal syndrome.Before doing this examination, the pregnant mother must first understand what Don syndrome is.In fact, Donald syndrome is generally caused by chromosomal abnormalities. Babies with this disease will have mental retardation, special faces, growth and development disorders, and even deformities. At present, there are no effective ways to treat this disease.The Tang screen test is to fundamentally detect whether the baby suffers from this disease. If you do not have pregnant mothers, you can decide to stop pregnancy by themselves, because it is difficult for babies with Tang family syndrome to feed.

Four -dimensional abnormal tests are generally going to the hospital for routine examination at the 22-126 weeks of pregnancy.The purpose of this examination is mainly to see the limbs of the baby’s limbs, face development, and heart development, etc., mainly to check whether the baby has congenital malformations, such as cleft lip and palate, short limb deformity, courses, four heart cavity, etc.EssenceIf you are mild deformities, you can choose to pay more attention to the various indicators of the pregnant mother’s body and pass the surgery as a healthy body, but if it endangers the baby’s life, the pregnant mother can choose to stop pregnancy through communication with the family and doctors.

"Sugar sieve" is the abbreviation of gestational diabetes screening. Generally, a blood collection test is carried out at the 24-128 weeks of pregnancy.The sugar screening test can detect whether the pregnant mother suffers from gestational diabetes, and the sensitivity of this test is as high as 90 %.That is to say, pregnant mothers can reduce the risk of fertility during pregnancy during pregnancy, so they can be vigilant and make correct and scientific treatment.In addition, severe gestational diabetes can also cause babies to become giant babies, premature babies, or even dead fetuses. In addition, the embryo development of pregnant mothers is abnormal and cause complications.Therefore, this test of all pregnant mothers still can’t miss it, otherwise I will regret it!

In order to come to the world healthily and safely, and for family happiness, every pregnant mother can readily accept each test during pregnancy, especially the above three tests!

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