When I am pregnant, the baby will feel. Do you know what the baby is going through?

In the past, because of fear of hurting the child, after my mother was pregnant, my parents wanted to have the same room.However, the facts of the current facts tell you that the same room during pregnancy is okay, as long as you follow the matters you should pay attention to.

When the expectant mother and expectant father are close, the baby in the stomach knows, after all, the child’s touch and hearing have developed.Pregnant mothers need to know these when they are in the same room.

There are such parts of mothers who are worried that when they are "slamming" with her husband, will her husband reach the child, the answer is not. The baby is indeed living in the mother’s uterus.Because the cervix is closed, Dad cannot be topped.And the baby’s baby and the mother’s amniotic fluid are protected!

However, dads can’t relax too much, after all, children grow up.Some things should be paid attention to. For example, the hygiene of husband and wife must pay attention to. Dad should pay attention to their own cleanliness, but do not cause things like mother’s vaginal infection, otherwise it may hurt the health of the fetus.

In fact, even when the mother walks, because it is a lot, the child will feel the vibration.Therefore, when the parents work hard, the vibration children will feel the vibration children.

However, don’t worry, such vibrations will not hurt the fetus, because there is amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid will alleviate such vibrations and protect the child.Moreover, it is said that the child will still like this shock, and the child will shake together in such a vibration, and then feel very happy.

However, the prospective parents should pay attention to the strength and frequency. Too strong and the frequency of "popping" is too high, it is likely to cause children’s discomfort.

At the same time, the posture of "popping" during pregnancy is also what parents want to study. Pay attention to the posture, do not let the mother too tired, and pay attention not to squeeze the mother’s belly. Be sure to make the mother spend this process comfortably.If it is uncomfortable, the children in the belly will resist.

When the pregnant mother was in the middle of pregnancy, it was the most comfortable and safest time, and the prospective father and expectant mother could rest assured.But pay attention to the early and during the early pregnancy and the third trimester. It is not recommended to have the same room.For the sake of the fetus, let’s bear these two times!

Unexpectedly, although the child was in his mother’s belly, he felt everything, and his parents should pay attention to it!

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