When I am pregnant, I do n’t know who is the child ’s father. Xiangtan’ s woman marrys her boyfriend and treats another man as a “cash machine”.

Hu was pregnant, but I don’t know who is the child’s father.

She told the news that two "suspect", one promised to marry her, and the other became her "withdrawal machine".

After the child was born, a paper parent -child identification revealed the child’s life …

Recently, the People’s Court of Yuetang District, Xiangtan City tried the fraud case involved in the case.

There was a gender relationship with Yang and Yang and Li. In January 2016, Hu found that she was pregnant, but she was not sure who the child’s father was.

Yang is a boyfriend of Hu, and the two have been dating since the second half of 2010.Hu Mou told Yang’s news about Yang, and Yang then proposed to get married.The two married on May 20, 2016.

At the same time, Hu also told Li Mou’s news that Li had not divorced his wife at that time, but Hu still kept in touch with Li.Since January 2016, Hu Mou started to ask Li for money with the cost of miscarriage.

In fact, Hu did not have a abortion surgery, but chose to leave this child.On September 20, 2016, Hu gave birth to a child, and the child was always healthy after birth.

In order to continue to find Li to ask for money to maintain gambling and daily expenses, Hu Mou fabricated the child to get pneumonia and need to treat the treatment fee and ask for the children’s living expenses.At this time, Hu had already asked Li to deceive 192,800 yuan.

Li’s generosity promoted Hu’s greed, and she began to make more lies.From November 2017 to November 2018, Hu Mou fabricated the child to obtain leukemia and needed treatment fees, his own intestinal cancer, and asked Li to ask Li to make money.Tell his wife, relatives, friends, or media to threaten it, and asked Li for 978,000 yuan for Li.A total of RMB 117,0800.

It wasn’t until December 25, 2018 that after seeing the results of parent -child identification, the two sides realized that Li was not the child’s biological father.After the incident, Hu automatically committed the crime and truthfully confessed his crimes, and returned the victim to lose RMB 45,2500.

Hu’s defender believes that Hu’s behavior does not constitute a crime."Hu only wanted to have an economic guarantee for the illegitimate child. It was not until the identification results that she did not know that the child was not Li."

The court trial believes that the defendant can deceive the victim’s money based on the fictional facts of the defendant, conceal the truth, and cause the victim to have a wrong understanding and deliver the money to the defendant.crime.The defendant threatened the victim with coercive words, concealing the truth, causing the victim to have an error perception, and the victim’s money to the defendant was mainly caused by the defendant’s fictional facts and concealing the truth.Therefore, the whole case is more appropriate to investigate the crime of fraud.

In summary, the defendant Hu Mou’s fictional facts, concealed the truth, and cheated the property of others. The amount was particularly huge. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and fined 50,000 yuan.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhou Lingmei Cheng Yimei

[Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News]

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