When encountering these 5 phenomena, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to, maybe the fetal treasure is "difficult"

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During pregnancy, mothers will always worry about what problems in the baby in the stomach will have something wrong. In fact, there are many times, the fetal treasure will convey some information to the pregnant mothers. When these phenomena are encountered, the pregnant mothers should pay attention.The fetal treasure is difficult.

What phenomenon?

1. Breasts are not sore

During pregnancy, due to the impact of the changes in the body’s hormones, the breasts will become larger and have a tenderness.If you find that this feeling is gone during pregnancy, you have to go to the hospital quickly, which may show that the fetal treasure is gone, or it is gone.

Second, stomach pain and redness

In the early and in the early pregnancy, if the pregnant mothers feel stomachache and the waist is very sore, this may be a threatened abortion.If you see red, the chance of miscarriage will be greater, and the fetal treasure may be gone, and you must rush to the hospital as soon as possible.

Three or 5 months have not been fetal movement

During pregnancy, fetal movement is a very important phenomenon. Some pregnant mothers may feel that the fetal movement will be late, but if you can’t feel the fetal movement after 5 months, you must hurry up to the hospital for examination.Because this phenomenon may show that fetal treasures die.

Fourth, fetal membrane early break

You know that after the fetal membrane breaks early, it is still not produced for many days.This situation may cause fetal treasure pneumonia. If the care is not thoughtful after birth, it may be life -threatening due to infection.

Five, abnormal fetal heart

Pregnant mothers during pregnancy should monitor the heart rate of fetal treasure. When the fetal heart is abnormal, they can find it in time and then seek medical treatment in time.

How to avoid abnormalities?

1. Timing

After knowing that they are pregnant, pregnant mothers should conduct some examinations to see if the situation of this pregnancy is normal, how their physical condition, and whether the fetal treasure is healthy.

2. Be careful in early pregnancy

During this period, pregnant mothers should have appropriate exercise, but they cannot be violent.Be sure to avoid being radiated in large quantities, and do not use medicine, but also pay attention to your own hygiene, beware of bacteria.

Three, sexual life

To do intimate things during pregnancy, we must also consider some risks, so in the early and in the early pregnancy, avoid houses.

Fourth, a healthy diet

In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers may be tortured by pregnancy reactions, and I feel that there is no appetite and can’t eat things.However, pregnant mothers should adhere to a healthy diet, eat less and eat less, do not eat too much meals, take enough nutrition, ensure a balanced diet, and ensure that fetal treasures can grow and develop healthy and developing.

During pregnancy, if pregnant mothers feel abnormal, do not take it seriously and check it as soon as possible to prevent fetal treasure problems.


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