When can I have a room after giving birth?These tips make you not overcome

"Sister Ma, my wife has been born for a month, can I have the same room? This has been so long, I can’t hold it down …"

There is a rare male compatriot to consult my question. It turned out to be a postpartum business. It seems that the speed is a bit fast, but this is a topic that the little couples are very concerned about.Yeah, I have been holding so long, when can I have the same room?

The same room needs to be determined according to the child’s childbirth method and postpartum recovery.Under normal circumstances, the appropriate time for the maternal maternity is 2 months after giving birth, because the female reproductive organs take about 8 weeks to return to normal.Caesarean section maternal is best to be in the same room after caesarean section, because there is a surgical knife mouth in a cesarean section, and the same room must wait until the caesarean section wound heals.

Therefore, consult my little brother, and take another one or two months. After all, it has been so long, and it is not bad at this time and a half. I still have to wait for my daughter -in -law’s body to fully recover.

After all the time, what should I pay attention to when they are in the same room for the first time?I have n’t “applauded” for so long, and my wife has just given birth to a child, for fear of any moths.Don’t be anxious, remember the following points.

Some small couples think they will not get pregnant if they do not come to the holiday during breastfeeding, wrong!Although the holiday has not come, the ovulation may have been restored, so if you don’t want to hold the second baby so early, you still have to take contraceptive measures honestly.

The mother who has just given birth to the baby is relatively poor and physical weakness has created favorable conditions for the invasion of the germs. Therefore, the husband and wife must pay attention to hygiene before and after the same room.Especially Bao Da, pay special attention to cleaning the genitals to protect Mom.

Due to the changes in hormones, Baoma’s private parts will be relatively dry. The couple may "applaud for love" may cause female pain and discomfort.Privacy can choose a reliable and safe and safe lubricant to reduce pain, enhance joy, and increase the relationship between husband and wife.

Don’t forget that the same room is no longer a matter of two people. The baby waiting to be fed will disturb your passion at any time, so that Bao Bao Bao’s mother had to spread his hands to express his helplessness.Therefore, it is very important to settle a baby before the same room. It is recommended to choose the same room when the baby is sleeping.

Finally, she can be in the same room. Sister Ma can understand Bao Da’s jumping mood, but the mother of Baoma has not fully recovered, and she takes too much energy to take the baby every day.At this time, Bao dads should be patient, do not force, do not lose your temper, let alone blame things on the baby, communicate with Baoma, and seek the best solution. If Baoma is too tired, Bao dad will have more would be more.Take the heavy responsibility of childcare.

It is worth noting that some Baoma finds the stimulus and pleasant feeling before the house, and the decline in the quality of sexual life has even caused a gap between husband and wife.Don’t panic, this is because the vagina expansion during the birth process will have a certain degree of vaginal relaxation, so it may lead to a decline in the quality of sexual life of women.Moms can restore the vagina’s firm state through potting bottom muscle exercise.

How to do basin muscle exercise?Very simple, the first step, find the position of the bottom muscle.The bottom muscle of the basin is the muscles around the genitals and anus. Imagine where you are urinating or holding your fart.

In the second step, training can take two ways: slow muscle training and fast muscle training.[Slow muscle training] shrink the bottom muscle of the basin, count for 10 seconds, then relax, count for 10 seconds, and then shrink … This way, 10 cycles.[Fast muscle training] shrink for 1 second, relax for 1 second, shrink for 1 second, relax for 1 second, so 10 cycles.

The operation is very simple. You can do it anytime and anywhere. For a few months, you will gain unexpected results.

"Sexual Blessing" is a very important part of "Happiness". You can understand the timing, mastering methods, and learning skills in order to allow us not to roll over on the road to "sex blessings".Will you drive a car?

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