When buying red wine, regardless of the size of the brand, pay attention to the "small number" of the bottle body, but don’t be deceived anymore

Over the years, as China’s position has become more and more important in international trade, the domestic trend is becoming more and more international. The most obvious is to eat Western food and drink red wine.

Although red wine has been introduced into China during the Western Han Dynasty, there is no native liquor and a mature time.

In this era, there are still a lot of fraud in the mature liquor market, not to mention the less mature red wine market now, so it has led many consumers to buy the red wines to buy.It is too light, and there are even many impurities. Although this impurities do not have much to do, it will make the experience of drinking red wine very poor.

In the field of red wine, the fakes are also "poor" for counterfeiters.For consumers, if you do n’t understand, the difficulty of distinguishing is relatively large. If you understand it, it is not difficult to distinguish this poor fake technology.

Just when buying red wine, just look at the "4 letters" on the bottle. If there are on the bottle, 80 % are unqualified. If you can buy it, don’t buy it. It is recommended to keep in mind.

These 4 letters are "Copy"

And these four letters are also very conspicuous. On the bottle, the regular red wine bottle will not have Copy, most of which are anti -counterfeit codes.

Red wine requires related anti -counterfeiting codes, so if you do not post, and the four letters of "Copy" are "non -formal" entering the market, so this kind of wine can not drink without drinking.

After all, it is not just that liquor is "huge profits", and red wine is the same "huge profits".

The counterfeiting method of the two has the same wonderful work.

Baijiu is blended with grain fragrance, additive+water.

Red wine is blended with wine fragrance, additive+water.

The price of both is high and low, but the cost is only a few dollars, and the time it takes is very short. In 3 seconds, you can blend a bottle of wine, proper "huge profits".

And pure grains and liquor, red wine brewing takes a minimum of one year, and some liquor still requires a cellar, and it takes only longer.Therefore, when buying red wine, you must pay attention to the "4 letters", and you know not to lose early.When buying liquor, there is a trick, that is, pay attention to "these 4 words".

Edible spices

All blending liquor in the market requires "edible spices", which hinders some things, so it must be marked clearly.

When buying wine, seeing these four words, it is the same effect as red wine to see "Copy". It is recommended to go far and how far is it.Of course, if you suspect that buying wine is too complicated, it is recommended to be simpler. When you buy wine, you can look at the reputation of this wine. Whether it is red wine or liquor, as long as the reputation is good, the sales and taste of this wine must be good.Like the two models below, a red wine, a liquor, a good reputation, so the local sales are also good.

Fengyun Sauer Father

This 53 -degree sauce made by Li Changshou, the sister -in -law of Maotai Factory Li Xingfa.

In the 1960s, the quality of the Moutai winery was not as good as now, but it was always unstable. Li Xingfa, then deputy director of Maotai, conducted a 4 -year study in the wine cellar.Successfully cracked the embarrassing situation of unstable wine quality.

He also received the honorary title of "Father of Sauce" awarded him by the winery.

Thirty years later, his only son replaced his winemaking experience and craftsmanship. The small red glutinous sorghum with rich local tannins in Guizhou as the raw material for winemaking, a large and full, cooked ones, cooked in Chishui River, 8 times yin and yang fermented, 8 times yin and yang fermented, 12987 process 100+ processes will not fall in one step.

The creation of base wine still takes 5 years, the cellar+tune for 12 years old wine, the sauce wine, the entrance is mellow and elegant, the sauce is prominent, the fragrant fragrance is mixed with the unique fragrance,The spicy throat, the back is obvious, the aftertaste is long.

Great Wall talent vineyard wine

It belongs to COFCO. Because of the first birth of COFCO, the first bottle of dry red and dry white, so the domestic influence in China is not bad.

It is produced in Ningxia, and the degree is 13 degrees. The raw materials for brewing are the rich tannad -rich red grapes, as well as "Pinglizhu" and "Snake Dragon Ball" grapes as an auxiliary materials, which better uniformly uniformly the fragrance of wine.

The sour taste of the entrance is not very obvious. The delicate taste can feel the rich berry fragrance. The tune and the strong aging fragrance, the taste is delicate and smooth, the aftertaste is sweet, and the cost performance is good.

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