When after giving birth, when will the "aunt" report?These factors Bao Mom must be clear

To say that the biggest feature of pregnancy is the aunt who reported on time every month, and suddenly no longer visited.After the production, the most concerned issues that Baoma cared about was still a question when the auntie reported.

When the aunt report again, every treasure mother is different

Mother Qi Qi: When the child was three months old, the aunt visited again.Compared with the surrounding Baoma, time is still relatively early.

Yu Yu’s mother: In the tenth month of breastfeeding, the aunt was still not here and went to the hospital for consultation and inspection, but the results showed that everything was normal.

Nine -nine Mom: I always feel that I am the most strange. When the child comes out of the full moon, the aunt suddenly visited. At that time, I thought the lochia was not clean.After seeing the doctor, I knew that the long -awaited aunt came to report.

It can be seen that after the production of women, the time when the aunt visited again was not fixed.Some Baoma out of confinement, while some Baoma may be half a year, ten months, or even longer.Therefore, the time for the aunt’s report does not have a clear rule, it is completely different from person to person.

1. Mother breastfeeding method

How to breastfeed postpartum is the right of mothers, but the way of breastfeeding will affect the advent of the aunt.In comparison, the mother -in -law feeding mother will come earlier; most of the breastfeeding mothers will be relatively late.Mainly breastfeeding mothers, their body hormones still have not returned to their initial state.

2. Physical reasons

Each Baoma’s body has always been different, so the postpartum aunt’s visits will also be different.To put it simply, if the postpartum body recovers quickly, then the aunt will be able to visit soon; but if the postpartum recovery is not good, and Bao Ma’s physical fitness is poor, the aunt will not come late.

3. Nutrition

According to traditional ideas, women are extremely weak after childbirth and need to supplement a lot of nutrition.But now women are pursuing fashion beauty, even during confinement, they will think of "weight loss" and "plasticity", and do not pay attention to nutritional intake at all.As everyone knows, the daily foods will also affect the time of the aunt.

4. Age cause

The second child policy has been liberalized, and many older mothers choose to be a mother again. At this time, the ovarian recovery ability is obviously a lot of decrease than before.In other words, the older women, the longer the postpartum recovery, the longer the aunt’s visit to visit.

5. Physical and mental cause

Even if it is not after giving birth, women usually have a lot to do with their physical condition.During the period of bringing a baby, many women have a bad rest, and they do n’t understand many things for the first time.These external reasons will affect the aunt.

The last thing to say is psychological factors. Many mothers are depressed after giving birth, and their psychological state is not very good.Long -term sadness and depression will affect the endocrine of the body.

Warm suggestions: 42 days after giving birth, the doctor will suggest that Baoma goes to check to see how the body’s recovery state will give a professional assessment.Regarding this inspection, it is still necessary. I hope that all Baoma can pay attention to it.

After finally waiting for the aunt, but new problems will follow.Many mothers who insist on breastfeeding, they want to know: Will the aunt affect breastfeeding?

I saw such a statement on the Internet: After the postpartum Bao Ma came, the quality of breast milk would deteriorate. Not only did they have no nutrition, but it also contained some kind of toxin, which was not good for the baby’s health.In fact, there is no scientific basis for such a statement. Bao Ma ignores it at all, let alone be afraid.

To put it simply, aunt is a normal physiological phenomenon that can help women eliminate toxins in the body.From a medical perspective: Women come to the big aunt, indicating that the body’s hormone and ovarian function are normal, but it is worth worrying about it.

Professional doctors said: After the birth, the auntie explained that the body recovered well, and the feeding could be carried out normally without any harm to themselves and the baby.Instead, it is necessary to improve the number of breastfeeding. By sucking the stimulus, avoid the phenomenon of returning milk after the old aunt.

A whispering to Bao Ma:

If you are not prepared for the second child, you must take contraceptive measures whether you come to the aunt after giving birth.Everyone mistakenly thought that as long as they didn’t come to the aunt, they would not get pregnant.In fact, there is no direct relationship between menstruation and pregnancy.

In other words, even if women have not recovered before their birth, ovarian function is normal and still has ovulation.This can also explain well, why some women can hold two a year.It was not that their bodies recovered well, but that the contraceptive measures were not in place, and the accident had a second child.

Written at the end: Women must learn to love themselves, especially after giving birth.In life, try to learn "laziness" and bring your baby to invite family members to participate.

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