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Who is wrong with boys and women?

Today I will tell you a story.Because the daughter -in -law gave birth to a boy, the father -in -law hit her mother, her daughter -in -law and male, and my in -laws quarreled at the door of the operating room on the day when I gave birth to a child.They must be particularly curious that it is a boy who should be very happy.Why did the General Assembly fight with my mother?If you listen, you know what’s going on.

Our family is not a male and female, because my husband and I are married.My husband and his ex -wife have a boy. Although the male boy followed his ex -wife, he could not do anything.There are children in the house, and the children’s grandparents say that they already have grandchildren.After I entered the door, I said I was unwilling, otherwise the property in front of them would be much less.

His grandparents said that let me have a girl, and life will be better.Since the child and his dad get married, my mother -in -law has made me a daughter every day.It is said that my daughter is a mother’s cotton jacket until an adult, to be honest, my pressure is really great.

I didn’t count this boy or woman. President knows that I let me eat chili every day after pregnancy, eat chili chili sauce or something, as long as it is spicy, let me eat.I was afraid that I would eat the garlic.But I think this is particularly ridiculous.But in order to reduce the contradiction between my mother -in -law and mother -in -law, I didn’t say anything. At 6 months, I should have a check -up, and my mother -in -law said to go with me.Then I thought she followed.My mother -in -law said that by the way, it was a boy or a girl. In fact, the boys and girls are as long as me.

That morning, my mother -in -law was in a hurry to go to the hospital than me. After arriving at the hospital, it was my turn to do a lottery.When I go in-watching my mother-in-law’s novels with the doctor’s ear, about 5 minutes later, the doctor said on time that the child grew very well.After returning home, my father -in -law listened to was particularly happy at the time. In the evening, my father -in -law also invited our family to eat at the restaurant. The dinner table said that I had granddaughter this time.

Where did the mother -in -law say?Where is it?The prepared clothes and small quilts are pink and red. It happens that my due date is here in the winter moon, and my stomach is a bit sore.But if my husband didn’t go home on a business trip, I quickly asked my in -laws to send me.The doctor at the hospital said that the palace was about to give birth, but it was recommended that I said that the child was a bit big, so I called my mother, and my brother pulled my mother.

At this time, is my mother -in -law still give birth?Children who produce are smart.In fact, my mother -in -law was too expensive to have a caesarean section. At that time, my stomach hurt and hurriedly took the baby out. I had 4 hours in the factory.In the end, the doctor said that the child was too long in it, and it was likely to be hypoxic in it. He had to report it quickly, so I went halfway to the elves.

When the child came out, the doctor said that the fat boy was domineering.At that time, after I was happy and worried that my child was withdrawn, the nurse told my father -in -law that you were grandson. Congratulations to your grandson and grandmother.The doctor said yes, that is, there is no one in your grandson in your big grandson.At this time, my brother picked up my child. Come forward my mother and said that it was not good to get the big grandson?Do you have another pension for the end?The father -in -law was so angry when he heard it?

He is a boy again. Our family has a big grandson, and another grandson is reorganized?This property has half of his money.After growing up, how much does it cost to buy a house to marry a daughter -in -law?There is no shortage of grandson, I have such a big grandson.My mother quarreled with my father -in -law. My mother -in -law saw that the father -in -law was so noisy with my mother. If he said, he pushed my mother to the ground without saying a word.What do you do after I return to the ward?

These days I have served my brother and my mother.After the 7th day was discharged, I decided to cut off the relationship with them.This incident is the personal experience of my girlfriend, and it is to cut off the second marriage with her.

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