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For newlywed couples, the first week of pregnancy, expectant mothers and prospective dads will feel both surprising and a little overwhelmed!What are the reactions of pregnant mothers in the first week of pregnancy? What are the things that pregnant mothers need to pay attention to in the first week of pregnancy?How should the prospective dad take care of pregnant women and what they do for their children?Today, I will talk to you many problems in the first week of pregnancy, so that pregnant mothers and prospective dads are prepared.

How to calculate the first week of pregnancy?

People usually say that expectant mothers want to "conceive October", but in fact, according to the solar calendar, the fetus lives in the mother’s uterus for 10 months.The expectant mother learned that she was pregnant after she had menopause, so the accurate time for expectant mothers’ pregnancy could not be accurately judged.However, in order to facilitate the calculation time, the pregnancy is calculated during the first day of the expectant mothers’ last menstruation to the start time.Therefore, the first week of pregnancy, expectant mothers are still in menstruation.

What are the changes in the body in the first week of pregnancy?

When the first week of pregnancy was in the last menstrual period, she was not pregnant, so her body has not changed.The prospective mother’s uterus will "clean up" for the arrival of the baby every month.If the ovarian eggs are not fertilized, the endometrium will fall off and bleed, which is the so -called menstruation.Under the action of physical hormones, the ovaries began to prepare to release another egg, and then grew new endometrium and gradually thickened. If the baby arrived at this time, then the child’s mother would not come again to menstruation again.Essence

What are the things to pay attention to in the first week of pregnancy?

1. Stay away from adverse factors: If you are ready to baby, you should first pay attention to the health of lifestyles, quit smoking and alcohol, stay up late, and save your body in the best state.During the planning process, stay away from toxic substances, such as anesthesia or pesticides, and try to not take any drugs as much as possible.Stay away from radioactive substances and stay away from various radiation.

2. Create a warm room environment: The home should be kept clean and tidy, and the air flows. Try to arrange the home warm and romantic. In such a comfortable environment, the mentality will become pleasant and help increase the chance of pregnancy.

3. Adjust your mentality: Maintain a healthy mentality and often chat with your lover with relaxed and happy topics.

4. Reasonably supplement nutrition before pregnancy: mothers who are preparing to get pregnant can eat more nutrients, such as foods rich in folic acid, zinc, iron, calcium, etc., laying a material foundation for the normal development of early embryos.Specific dads can eat more zinc and amino acid -rich and aphrodisiac foods rich in zinc and amino acids such as catfish, loach, pigeons, oysters, leeks, because these foods help form high -quality sperm.

5. Supplement folic acid: Pregnant mothers should supplement folic acid from 3 months before pregnancy, 400 micrograms -800 micrograms/day folic acid, which helps the fetus to grow up healthy.

What is the fetus in the first week of pregnancy?

The first week of pregnancy has matured, and life has been formed since then.At this time, parents’ physical condition and mentality determine the quality of eggs and sperm. Therefore, we must maintain a good mood and face it with the most peaceful mentality, which helps the birth of high -quality babies.

How to eat a healthy diet in the first week of pregnancy and supplement nutrition?

Although the egg and sperm have not really been combined in the first week of pregnancy, they also need to pay attention to supplementing nutrition and reasonable diet to avoid malnutrition or excess.Experts said that the survival of sperm requires high -quality protein, calcium, zinc and other minerals and trace elements, arginine and a variety of vitamins. If the prospective dad is partially eaten, the lack of these nutrients in the diet, the sperm production will be affected, and it may occur may produce.Some "low -quality" sperm.

Expectant mothers also need to prepare for the inner environment of their own diet, and eat more foods containing folic acid, zinc, and calcium.Eat more lean meat, eggs, fish and shrimp, animal liver, soybean and soy products, seafood, fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits.Men eat more catfish, loach, pigeons, pigeons, tension, sparrows, leeks.Eat less ham, sausage, bacon, pickled fish, pickles, do not eat smoked grilled foods such as lamb skewers.Eat less canned food and drink less.Washing vegetables pay attention to removing residual pesticides by immersion method.

The ideal diet in the first week of pregnancy:

In the first week of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can eat more black fungus, peanuts, sesame and so on.250 to 500 grams of milk daily, 2 eggs, 150 to 200 grams of lean meat, 250 to 500 grams of vegetables, 2 fruits, 500 grams of grain; soy products, fish, liver, etc.Essence

Folic acid supplement time: Folic acid must be supplemented when planning is pregnant.The fetal nerve tube occurs and closed within 28 days after conception. It is too late to add folic acid after discovering pregnancy, so the time to supplement folic acid should be advanced.Folic acid should be taken in 1-3 months before pregnancy.

What does prospective dad need to do in the first week of pregnancy?

If you want a smart treasure, it is inseparable from his dad.Experts said that the prospective dad eats well, has sufficient nutrition, and the baby will be healthier.Therefore, after planning to be pregnant, the prospective dad also needs to supplement nutrition, pay attention to diet, do not eat contaminated foods, quit smoking and alcohol, and not coffee.In this way, you can strengthen sperm and create conditions for having a smart and healthy baby.

Special matters in the first week of pregnancy:

Stay away from electromagnetic pollution, electromagnetic pollution mainly comes from mobile phones, color TVs, computers, electric mattresses, microwave ovens, etc.

Women who are prepared or pregnant, especially in the early pregnancy, only take some preventive measures, such as minimizing the operating computer time, keeping the working environment ventilation and replacement. Do not place electrical appliances such as TV, refrigerator, microwave oven and other electrical appliances in the bedroom;

Pregnant women do not watch TV for a long time. Use radiation -proof clothing, etc. when operating a computer, can avoid or reduce the impact of electromagnetic pollution on the pregnant woman and the fetus.””

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