What will happen to women in their bodies after pregnancy?

After women are pregnant, due to changes in hormone levels and increasing uterus, they will bring a lot of visible or invisible changes to women’s bodies, but this change can be manifested through some symptoms, and it may be with the gembraneous weeks.Growth and changes will become more and more obvious. We can combat the changes in women during pregnancy according to the changes in the pregnancy week.

Because the growth of embryos and fetuses is bound to be a process of small to large, when she was just pregnant, in terms of appearance, there would be no visible changes in pregnant women.However, due to the changes in hormone levels and pelvic blood transportation after pregnancy, pregnant women will have some symptoms that can feel consciously, as follows:

1. Breast change: Pregnant women will consciously breast pain in the early stages of pregnancy; and with the growth of the pregnancy weeks, the nipples will gradually increase;The feeling of pain is called the Mongolian nodule.

2. Change of weight: There is no special demand for nutrition during early pregnancy, and weight may not necessarily increase significantly, and many pregnant women may lose weight due to serious early pregnancy reactions.Make up for it; the requirements for weight growth during the entire early pregnancy cannot exceed 2kg, so there is basically no change from the body.

3. Symptoms: Due to the abundant blood transportation of the pelvic cavity, the pelvic cavity may be in a state of congestion or congestion. Occasionally, pregnant women may feel abdominal pain, abdominal distension, backache, swelling, or occasionally tingling or pull -like discomfort.Ultrasonic prompts are indeed not special treatment in the case of early pregnancy in normal palace; however, if the symptoms of abdominal pain are aggravated or there is symptoms of vaginal bleeding, the hospital needs to be a hospital at any time.

1. Character changes: The most significant change in pregnant women after pregnancy is the change of the body, which will gradually show the posture of pregnant women. The uterus will gradually increase as the gestational week, and the bottom of the palace will gradually rise.Teach everyone to compare a simple way to judge the height of the uterine size of the palace:

4 months -the height of the palace, between the umbilical shame (the center point of the navel and the pubic bone combined)

5 months -one horizontal finger below the umbilicus (the horizontal finger level below the navel)

6 months -one horizontal finger on the umbilical cord (a horizontal finger level on the navel)

8 months -between the umbilical and swords (between the navel and the lower edge of the sternum)

9 months -below the sword tribute (under the lower edge of the sternum)

10 months -two horizontal fingers below the sword

Everyone will ask, why is the gestational week big, but the bottom of the palace is low. Is the stomach small?In fact, it is mainly in the late pregnancy. It is expected that after the full moon, as the fetal head enters the basin, the placental function changes, and the amount of amniotic fluid will decrease slightly, resulting in a slight decrease in the bottom of the palace. At this timeIt will also be smoother.

2. Skin changes:

Pigment precipitation and pregnancy spots: During pregnancy, the increase in estrogen will make the skin color deeper, especially in the nipples, areolas, abdominal midlines and external genitals.Pigmentation will appear on the face, mainly distributed on the forehead, cheeks and facial faces, and will gradually fade after delivery.

Black line: Women usually have a faint white line, extending from the navel to the center of the pubic bone.This will be faintly visible before pregnancy.After the second trimester, the white line will become a black line, and women with dark skin will become darker, which usually disappear after childbirth.

Stretch marks: The human skin contains many elastic fibers and collagen fibers. After the female pregnancy, the bulge of the abdomen causes the skin’s elastic fiber and collagen fiber to be damaged or broken by varying degrees of damage due to external force.Once stretch marks appear, they will not slowly disappear over time, but will be accompanied for life, and skin with stretch marks is often accompanied by sense or slight itching.It affects the shape and aesthetics of women’s postpartum.

Varicular veins: During pregnancy, due to the pressure caused by the increased uterus to the abdominal cavity, the venous return is blocked, which may increase the damage of the venous valve function, which will appear intravenous veins in the lower limbs or vulva.It is manifested in the shape of a green or purple -red vein in the lower limbs or the shade of the yin.

1. Hemorrhoids: The perianal and vulvar blood transportation after pregnancy is abundant, and as the week of pregnancy increases, the gradually increased uterine pressure on the perianal periana. At the same time, due to poor gastrointestinal function, uterine compression, etc.Higher, the risk of pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids. Pregnant women may have hemorrhoids. If they experience natural delivery, hemorrhoids may be more serious.However, postpartum delivery may improve with stress.

2. Separation of pubic bone: It is mainly caused by the pressure of the increased uterus to pelvic cavity. The joints of the pubic bone combination have separated. If the width of the separation exceeds 1 cm, there may be obvious pain in local pain.After the postpartum pressure is lifted, the symptoms will gradually relieve.

The above is a preliminary understanding of changes during pregnancy, but the changes and performances of expectant mothers during pregnancy will be very different. I hope that expectant mothers can still be healthy and beautiful during pregnancy, and welcome the arrival of new life in the best state.Essence

I am Dr. Wang Lei -love life, love the sun!

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