What will happen to women in the workplace after pregnancy?

85%of women in the workplace can’t escape one thing, that is, pregnancy.After all, according to the physiological structure, women’s pregnancy is inevitable under normal circumstances. Of course, you can choose to give up pregnancy.

But in most cases, at a certain age, women are generally eager to become a mother, so they can’t escape pregnancy.

Ordinary people like us must not compare with some weird people who need surrogacy. We all need to experience the pregnancy process by ourselves. So what will happen to pregnant mothers at work after pregnancy?Let me share my story.

I do n’t know that the expectant mother who is pregnant now, I continued to work after pregnancy, or resigned to raise fetuses, but I think going to work is a good exercise, I can exercise, and I can have money to get it.I can’t bear to resign.

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At the beginning of 2020, because of the New Year, I went to Mr. Zhao’s hometown of Xinjiang Ninth Agricultural Division. As a result, we were blocked local because of the epidemic prevention and control system.After returning to Lanzhou, in accordance with the requirements of the community and unit, home isolate for 14 days.However, in these 14 days, the leader gave a newcomer who I thought it was my good job, and planned to transfer her to the higher -level unit to work.

At that time, I was very angry. I did not find the theory of leadership, but contacted the leaders of the superior units to understand the relevant situation.

Later, the unit secretary asked me to talk to me, which means that the newcomer’s job is handed over to me.Seeing that since the facts cannot be changed, let’s talk about salary. I do two jobs alone, and I ask how the salary is calculated. How long does it take to last?The original secretary told me that I planned to work part -time to work for 2 months, and let’s talk about the salary.In fact, I was so good to speak, I originally intended to agree, but I replied that I would think about it.As a result, the secretary told me the next day that the salary was unchanged and it took half a year.In fact, I am a little angry, but what makes me most angry is the reason for the unit to give me. They are worried that the newcomer will not be able to do the work of the superior unit in the past, and will return her back. ThereforeShe has retreat.I laughed at this reason. She was my apprentice, but it turned out to be such a situation, just because she was young!Because she will go to a small report with the leader!Therefore, you need to give people a chance to climb up, and keep your way away.So I refused at the time, I did not accept it, and I did not accept my salary.

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However, the leader even announced the incident at the employee conference and said it was obtained.I thought about the leader afterwards, but I knew the leaders very well. I knew that there was no result afterwards, so I questioned on the spot.

Immediately afterwards, I thought that I was leading all kinds of small shoes, but it didn’t matter. After all, I was not afraid of shadow, but the leader was timid, so during a conversation, we quarreled.This is the quarrel, let me know that I am pregnant

Maybe because of the quarrel just now, it made me emotional, which caused dizziness, nausea, and wanting to vomit on the way home.In retrospect, my aunt hadn’t come for a while, so I bought a pregnancy test paper test.

The fact tells me that I am pregnant.

I don’t know if I should be happy or unhappy for me.Because Mr. Zhao and I have not played well, we still want to create better conditions to this child, but it is easy to come, and we still welcomes his arrival.

Some people say that the child chose me as a mother, so he came to my life.I am convinced of this, maybe Jin Bao knows that it is not easy at this time. He is here to comfort me and rescue me.

At this time, Jin Bao came to my life. Even if the leader wanted to arrange other jobs for me, I would like to think twice, after all, I was pregnant.So I always think that he is my little blessing, and it is to make me happier, so I need to take care of him.

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I always believe that "good news is good", and kind people will always be cared for, so at this time I am pregnant.

There are many things that have no way to speak in workplace women. Even if they are pregnant, they may not be "taken care of".Fortunately, I am not in cities with high -rhythm work efficiency like north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. I dare not imagine how in those cities that live in fast -paced, how pregnant female compatriots insist on work.

Perhaps real life is not as horrible as I imagined. After all, my true feelings on the world are brainwashed by the TV series.

It was just that after I knew that I was pregnant, I talked to me twice, once when I was 3 months pregnant, once I was four months pregnant.

He smiled at me all the time.As the saying goes, I reached out without a laughing face, so I also answered with a smile on my face.

Leader: Xiao Li, how many months are now?

Me: It happened for 3 months today.

Leader: Oh, three months.You see, I just want to talk to you. Is this child ready?Have you prepared a lot of pregnancy before?

Me: No, so I was surprised when I knew it.

Leader: Oh, in this case, you see that I have suggestions to tell you, please refer to it, go back and discuss with your family.

Leader: You see you are pregnant without being fully prepared, I suggest you kill the child.After all, he didn’t want it, he came, which was an accidental pregnancy.If you are pregnant unexpectedly, this child may be unhealthy, so I suggest that you get it off, and you go back to discuss with your family.

Until this time, I still smile, otherwise what should I do?Knowing that the production inspection, production, and recovery requires leave or vacation, I can’t offend him now.

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But my heart is angry. I don’t know how he said these words. After all, he is also a daughter’s father.

I feel funny again, funny in "unhealthy children who are pregnant."I am really curious about that he was prepared to get pregnant and give birth to a child?

How many people in real life are the little baby who has successfully ushered in the pregnancy, and how many people accidentally get pregnant?Is it unhealthy for a baby who is pregnant?

Later, when I was more than 4 months of pregnancy, he talked to me again. The theme was the same as when I was 3 months pregnant. I advised me to kill my child. The reason was still very unhealthy.I also asked my suggestion last time. Did I think clearly, did I discuss with my family?

discuss?How do I discuss it?I told Mr. Zhao that the leader told the child that the child was unhealthy and asked me to kill it.

I guess I want to say, that is, Mr. Zhao asked him to settle accounts.

So he said him, I listen to me, just don’t take care of it, and I must have the child, after all, I was 30 years old at that time.

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After a long time, everyone and I talked about this. Everyone was incredible, and there would be such people.Later, I also told Mr. Zhao about this. He was questioned. He didn’t believe that as a leader would say this, Mr. Zhao said that I should record.The question is, how can I know what the leader would say, and prepared to recording in advance.

Let me briefly talk about my unit, provincial public institutions, and I belong to the employment system without editing, and the contract is directly signed (because it is a grass -roots unit, so most of our units are employed like me, and of course the leadership is career establishment).I originally thought that the employees of such a unit were highly educated and high quality, but it was really difficult to say.

I am mainly responsible for the work of party and government groups in the unit. Simply put, it is the leader’s pen and writing materials.Of course, the distribution of trade union welfare is also me.The benefits were issued that year. After work at noon, only the goods came, and my colleagues were all off work, so no one could help me, so I was pregnant, and I was bent over and got up to grab more than 40 times from a carton of more than 1 meter.100 bags of red dates (in general, there will be no shortage of stock, so before that, there is never a need to count. However, this time the leader specifically said that I want me to count it., I did it anyway).Later, when it was distributed, I needed to run back and forth on 2 floors. Many colleagues helped. I really thanked them.

Of course, after this operation, my stomach hurts. I don’t know if this is the result of the leader’s desired.

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In short, my work throughout my pregnancy has not changed, there is no increase, and it has not decreased. It is a good ending with me when I should work overtime.

Even though the leader said that at the time, I thought he was really like what he thought. I guess he was worried that I would say those words when I was worried that I did not work without working.

In short, I stumbled, and I finally survived.Let’s share the mother in the workplace next issue, talk about how to choose work and baby, and how to take care of them.

Written at the end:

There are so many things to live in life. When you feel that everything is easy, then someone must take the weight of what you should bear.

In addition, there are very few people who conceal pregnancy and find a job in real life, so I hope everyone will not discriminate against women when looking for a job.

Finally, the sisters who hope to prepare for pregnancy are successful, and the pregnant mothers and Baoma in the workplace can be treated well. It is not to say that they must be taken care of and employment normally.Essence

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