What will happen in the end when drinking coffee for a long time?Reminder: These three consequences, I know early

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"Your energy is beyond your imagination!" Red Bull, "Well, it’s hard!" The Shili frame, "Tired, sleepy, drink Dongpeng special drink!" Dongpeng special drink.These familiar functional beverage advertisements can be said to have occupied the drink advertising period of major TV stations.

These functional drinks are greatly helpful for fitness experts, sportsmen, and students who consume huge physical and mental energy in a short time.Because these functional drinks can quickly replenish the moisture and energy lost in the human body, the sales volume has always been very good.

As for office workers, white -collar workers, and researching "animal" and other brainpower workers who consume huge brain power, often stay up late to work overtime, and even do things overnight, want to quickly recover their energy and keep a good good.

In a good mental state, what type of drink will they choose to restore their energy?

The answer is -coffee

Coffee, a long history (appeared as early as the 15th century) and one of the most popular beverages in the world!

Regardless of whether it is Asia or the Americas, developed countries, or developing countries, there are many people in coffee. With the acceleration of globalization in the world, coffee brands such as Starbucks, Ruixing Coffee and other coffee brands can be seen everywhere in major shopping malls.

The price of coffee is generally high, coupled with the media’s publicity, coffee drinkers generally give people a sophisticated orientation!This also allows more and more people to come into contact with this kind of refreshing drink with many flavors!

According to research on relevant agencies, coffee not only has the effect of refreshing, but also can also play a role in maintaining the skin!

There are many types of coffee. In order to satisfy the tastes of different people, it has gradually derived a variety of coffee types such as American style, latte, cappuccino and other coffee.When you see this, you may think that since coffee is so delicious, can we drink coffee frequently?

If you think so, then you think wrong!

Because of drinking coffee for a long time, what will happen in the end?These three consequences, I knew good early!

When it comes to coffee, it has to be mentioned that the substance of caffeine is mentioned.A small amount of caffeine can have the effect of excitement on the human body, but when people take a long and large amount of caffeine, the effect of caffeine at this time is very large on the human body!

Too much caffeine can lead to caffeine poisoning!

When caffeine poisoning, the original refreshing coffee will make people extremely uncomfortable and even crazy, why is this?

Because caffeine plays a role in people, it mainly acts in human brain.After the human brain consumes great energy, it needs to rest, and the role of caffeine is to give people a stimulant!This is actually not in line with the natural law of life!

When a person is serving coffee, caffeine will act on your brain nerves, keep your brain highly excited, and give you a "feeling good" illusion!But the illusion is the end of the end!When you take too much caffeine, the nerves of the brain will have a tendency to disorder!

If your daily intake exceeds 750 ml, your brain nerve will cause damage!

Your senses and emotions will become sensitive unconsciously!

Irritable, muscle trembling, excitement, insomnia, palpitations, in severe cases, even dependence on caffeine!

When you are tired, you want to have a drink. When you are thirsty, you drink a drink. There is no taste in your mouth.

It’s like drugs, drinking for a long time!If you do not control it, the consequences are unimaginable!

First of all, the cardiovascular system of the human body is closely related to the human blood pressure. We can imagine the cardiovascular vascular of the human body as a water pipe, and the blood pressure is the water pressure of the water pipe.

When we take a lot of coffee for a long time, the coffee factor in the coffee will enter our blood vessels with our digestion, and after entering the blood vessels, the blood pressure will rise accordingly!

When the blood pressure rises, the human heart rate will also increase. The heart of a person is like a small waterwheel in the water pipe. The water pipe flow becomes faster, and the waterwheel is the human heart.

Rising heart rate of people is not a good thing, because the heart rate of normal people is about 75 times/minute!If you drink too much coffee, human heart rate is likely to reach 130 times/minute!The increase in heart rate will greatly increase the risk of sudden death!

This is why some young people have left the world directly when they work overtime overnight and work!

Next, let’s talk about the harm of a large number of caffeine to the kidneys. A large number of caffeine causes the risk of kidney stones greatly!

Some netizens commented on the kidney stones optimistic: "I originally practiced hard and finally arrived at the Jindan period, but the doctor said that I was sick and directly used the Avenue god soldiers to break my Jin Dan!"

The "Jin Dan" here is kidney stones. Although kidney stones are not terminally ill, the degree of pain is full!

Literally, there are stones in the kidneys, so the patient’s uncomfortable level is absolutely low!

Coffee is a drink, so the kidney is the main digestive organs, but there is a lot of oxalic acid in coffee!

A large amount of oxalic acid is not a good thing for our human body!

According to the study of the famous Chinese medicine medicine, our kidneys are yang and an alkaline environment, but oxalic acid is yin and is an acidic environment!

Too much acid needs a lot of alkaline substances to neutralize, but this will greatly increase the burden on our kidneys!

The results of acidic substances and alkaline substances often have precipitated, which is why the chance of kidney stones increases!

In the end, if you drink too much coffee, it will increase the burden on the kidney excretion. It is a reason for kidney excretion and gastric digestion!It’s like a stomach has been digesting things, it is actually very tired!

Calcium is an important element that cannot be ignored in our human body. Many of our human body consist of calcium.

Our bones, teeth, and spine, and many people pay attention to the height of their attention, and they have an inseparable relationship with calcium!

Some time ago, the Internet hot word "Gao Fu Shuai" swept the entire network, which represents the ideal state of women in the society for male spouses. If we look at these three words carefully, we will find that "high is the first!"

For women, tall men also give people a strong and strong feeling, and a good height is indeed more attractive!

The American Health Organization Experiment shows that the increase in normal and healthy calcium supplemental supplementation of calcium supplementation is 7 ~ 8cm higher than that of a child’s height without supplementing calcium.

And why does a large number of coffee cause calcium loss?The reason is:

When we drink coffee, some caffeine caffeine will be attached to our intestines with the digestive system, and the intestines are one of our main digestive systems.

When we replenish calcium elements through diet, the calcium elements that should have been digested and absorbed were directly "stopped" by caffeine on the intestine, and we could not digest and absorb it, and the caffeine can keep this "stop" state, and we can keep it.A few hours!

If there are long -term netizens who drink coffee, they should have a deep understanding of this:

"After drinking coffee for a few months, my own inexplicable leg hurts!"

"Drinking too much coffee, I don’t know why my nails have become crispy and easy to crack!"

These are because of too many coffee intakes, oxalic acid, caffeine in coffee, caffeine and the like enter the body too much, which will affect our body!

Moreover, if you drink too much coffee, you will have a sense of satiety, which will affect our normal eating habits, and will affect our normal life rules such as meals and meals!

1: Control the amount, although the coffee is good, but not greedy!

According to the U.S. Food Regulatory Administration, the EU Food and Health Organization, the famous medical institutions such as the well -known medical authority founded by Thomas Wickerli, such as "Liuye Knife", etc., show that the coffee intake of adults should not exceed 750ml of coffee.Do not exceed 450ml.

As long as we control it in the normal drinking range, we can still drink a few cups. After all, the taste of coffee is really good.

Normal coffee is good for physical and mental health!

2: Drink coffee at the right time

Don’t drink coffee around dinner, because we all know that coffee has the effect of refreshing. If we drink coffee before going to bed, our body and mind will be more excited, and we may need to calm down to sleep in the middle of the night.

The role of coffee, we can understand that the side effects are not so big stimulants. We can imagine the feeling of getting to the needle in the needle!It is almost the same as the feeling of insomnia. The difference is that this coffee is to be able to sleep actively. Insomnia is passive!

3: Drink less coffee, pregnant women, and elderly people with poor digestion and metabolic systems. Do not drink coffee. Patients who are taking drugs should not drink coffee.

It is because teenagers drink less coffee because the bodies of teenagers are still in the process of development. It is when they grow up. Drinking more coffee is very unfavorable to the development of the human body.

Pregnant women and elderly people, their digestion and metabolism are different from normal people. Coffee requires people’s metabolism to play a positive role. If the metabolic system is not strong, coffee often brings a negative effect!

People who are taking medicines should not drink coffee because coffee contains oxalic acid, caffeine and other substances (more than that).The ingredients of the drug are complex, and it is easy to produce bad chemical reactions with the drug!At that time, coffee will not be a happy drink of God, but "the poison of life!"

Whether it is coffee or other functional drinks, we must not take it too much, and everything is "too late"!

Finally, I wish you all good health and good luck!

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