What to do if the stomach is uncomfortable during menstruation#Family education

How to solve the abdominal pain during menstruation?

What should I do?It’s all unreasonable external performance.Abdominal pain is pain or feels uncomfortable.When our body shows such a body sensation, first of all, you have to consider that recent foods such as eating watermelon, watermelon, grapes, etc. This type of food will cause the body to become colder.

Women are inherently afraid of this kind of cold, because cold will be unreasonable in our bodies.So women are actually afraid.Because of the performance of women.For example, there will be some color changes on the face, such as women’s blood circulation will appear some fresh presentation.If we appear this is just a small signs, if we can give it this signs in time, it will prevent it before they occur, and greater hidden dangers will occur.May be more concerned about how to relieve it.

How about solving this?First of all, Han was born from his feet, and his feet were cold.You can soak your feet every day, what can you choose to use?Red flowers play a good role.Therefore, you can choose one or two safflowers and divide them into three copies. You can choose to soak for 15 to 20 minutes every day.

After soaking her feet, women also have a very effective way to regulate temperature.This is the four fingers on the bones of the feet. You can also massage 3 to 5 minutes a day.

I want to be slower through these methods. Don’t forget. The main problem is that our abdomen is common. Naturally, there will be no pain problems. You can choose.

Like our Jilin area, a woman used to be this. It can be said that she has not been improved for many years. Parents will tell her that you have given birth to a child in your life.In fact, when many girls wait for themselves to have children, they want to say whether it does not hurt, and it still hurts after giving birth.Because your place is in our videos and seek corresponding help.

In response to his situation, I will tell him that you must eat what you eat in life, and go through.When it matches this, it is discovered that it is no longer, and the state of the whole person can be said to have changed a lot.

It is our woman, and the body of our whole person’s body will have a very big change.

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