What to do during pregnancy?Effectively alleviating a few dietary tricks that are discomfort

"My husband, I feel like there is a piece of hot iron in the stomach,"

For the first pregnancy pregnant mother, there is no experience in itself. At this time, if any trouble, it must be very nervous.Recently, I received a letter from many pregnant mothers to say that there will be a phenomenon of "burning heart". This feeling is like a rigid iron in the stomach.Will the baby in the belly be affected and I don’t know how to relieve it.To this end, Xiaobian suggested that pregnant mothers should not be nervous first, and after reading this article, you know how to alleviate it.

After understanding the letters of most pregnant mothers, the editor found that most of the heart burning phenomenon appeared in the third trimester, and in fact, it was true.During pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant mother will become larger and larger, and the uterus will continue to increase. It is easy to compress the stomach.The stomach is likely to form gastric acid and is easy to reflects the pipes, so it causes the burning feeling of the stomach.If the pregnant mother is too large, such as squatting, bending, or lying flat, this burning will increase.This is why pregnant mothers often feel chest tightness when they sleep in the third trimester.

1. Control to eat

Do not be full when eating, so as not to increase the pressure in the stomach and lift up the diaphragm.Eat less meals, slow down to eat, and chew slowly.Try to stand as much as possible after meals to speed up the food.Dinner also needs to pay attention to too late is too late. It is best to eat within 2 to 3 hours before bedtime to ensure that there is enough time to digest.

2. Reasonable diet

Pregnant mothers who often have heart -burning phenomena can choose alkaline foods such as coarse grains. Such foods can relieve gastric acid, strengthen the spleen and nourish the lungs, and soothe the symptoms of the burning heart of pregnant women.For example, you can eat corn porridge and yam porridge. While alleviating gastric acid, it can also help pregnant women supplement vitamins and nutrition.Try to eat less fatigue and high -fat diet; do not eat acidic food, spicy and irritating food.

3. Sleep treatment

At night, the pregnant mothers have a few pillows or wedge -shaped mats when they sleep to raise the upper body, and the beds on the head are raised for 15-20 cm to raise the upper body 10 to 15 degrees, which can effectively reduce the esophageal backflow.Here, I suggest that it is not advisable to raise the pillow to raise the entire upper body, because the pillow can not be able to raise the entire upper body, but it can make the esophagus and the stomach fold and exacerbate the heart burning.

The above is the three methods of alleviating the symptoms of heart burning. Of course, what should I do if there is a pregnant mother who feels very uncomfortable if the heart burns is very uncomfortable?In fact, medication can be taken according to the actual situation.A non -prescribed acid -containing or calcium non -prescribed acidic agent can help pregnant mothers to reduce the discomfort of the stomach. Under the guidance of the doctor, they can take alkaline drugs, such as aluminum hydroxide gel, happy stomach or gastric mucosa, etc., which can helpTo reduce the heart of pregnant mothers.

This kind of "heart burning" during pregnancy is caused by the increase in the abdomen due to the increase in the pregnancy month, and the esophagus return flow.Therefore, as long as the pregnant mother controls the diet, it can effectively avoid heartburn, so that the baby can thrive.This is here for sharing today. You can also share it with the pregnant mothers around you. At the same time, you are welcome to leave a message to us in the comment area.

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