What to do during pregnancy?After reading this article, expectant mothers may find the answer

As the saying goes: Toothache is not a disease, it must be human!In fact, it is not exaggerated at all. People who have experienced toothache know that the feeling is really tortured.Ordinary people are so uncomfortable, let alone expectant mothers during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, I couldn’t use the medicine easily. At this time, the toothache began to start, which was really caught up. So what should I do during the pregnancy during pregnancy?Can’t you really treat your teeth?

At the special stage of pregnancy, the level of estrogen hormone in expectant mothers will increase significantly, the body’s immunity will be reduced, and the dental flora will also change.The problems of gum swelling and pain, dental caries, and periodontal periods have greatly increased at this stage, so expectant mothers should pay attention to oral problems during pregnancy.

If you have toothache during pregnancy or have other oral discomfort, please seek medical treatment in time. The earlier the intervention, the smaller the problem, and the easier it will be solved.

However, it should be noted that expectant mothers to see dentists must go to a regular and reliable hospital to be treated by professional dentists, so as to ensure the health of expectant mothers and fetuses.

If the expectant mother decides to treat teeth during pregnancy, then you need to pay attention to these problems!

1. It is not recommended to extracted tooth extraction during pregnancy

During pregnancy, most of the oral diagnosis and treatment items can be completed, but trying to avoid teeth should be avoided!Tooth extraction during pregnancy may increase the risk of premature or miscarriage, so when treating teeth, you must pay attention to avoid this problem!

2. Do you need to take dental slices?

When treating oral problems during pregnancy, doctors will try to avoid taking dental tablets for expectant mothers, so as to minimize the impact on the fetus.

However, due to the different oral problems of your mother, if you encounter special circumstances, when you need to shoot the film, the expectant mothers do not have to be too anxious.Before shooting the film, the expectant mother wears a protective suit and shoot according to the doctor’s guidance. There is no problem. The expectant mothers should not have too much pressure!

3. Treatment of teeth during pregnancy can be used

In the process of treating teeth, there are many times to use anesthesia. Some mothers will worry that the use of hemp medicine will affect the development of the fetus. In fact, this anxiety is not necessary.

Oral treatment uses local anesthesia. The dosage of anesthesia used by dentists is small, and it is mainly used to penetrate the local tissue that penetrates into the oral cavity.Under the necessary circumstances, expectant mothers can be used!

4. When using anti -inflammatory drugs

During the toothache during pregnancy, the expectant mothers must not take medicine without authorization. When needed anti -inflammatory drugs or analgesic medicine, expectant mothers need to be taken strictly according to the dose of the doctor under the guidance of the doctor, so as not to treat themselves and fetuses on the dose of the doctor.Health has a bad effect.

Although it can also be treated with teeth during pregnancy, because the expectant mother’s physique is special, some projects should be avoided as much as possible, so expectant mothers can check their teeth while preparing for pregnancy, and do a good job of teeth in advance.Treatment, so as to avoid the problem of toothache during pregnancy as much as possible!

Regarding the problem of toothache during pregnancy, what are the problems or experiences to share?Welcome to comment below, let’s discuss together!

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