What symptoms are prompt?How to protect your baby to protect your baby?

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[Basic Information] Female, 29 years old

[Disease Type] 1 pregnancy 1 pregnancy 28+4 weeks of aura abortion; gestational diabetes

[Treatment Hospital] Huangshi Central Hospital (Trina)

[Treatment plan] Symptoms such as magnesium sulfate, luteal ketone tires, fluid supplement and other symptomatic treatment; continued vagina outside the hospital for luteum ketone soft capsules, diet control blood sugar, counting fetal movement by itself

[Treatment cycle] Four days of hospitalization and treatment for a period of time every 2 weeks

【Treatment effect】 Successful fetal protection

The patient is a 29 -year -old young pregnant woman with a regular menstrual rule. The last menstrual period has been discontinued for 27+4 weeks on September 18, 2020.During pregnancy, the regular checkpoint was performed in our hospital. NT and non -invasive DNA examination were performed during pregnancy. The results of the inspection were good and were negative.During pregnancy, oral glucose tolerance tests were performed. As a result, the blood glucose was increased, the diet plus movement control, and there were no abnormalities in large rows of deformed examination.

This consultation was mainly due to the patient’s discomfort of the lumbosacral region in the past week.After asking the patient’s medical history, a physical examination of the patient was conducted. The patient’s patient could know that the patient had no obvious abnormalities. Therefore, in order to further clarify the cause of the sourness, the patient’s blood routine, coagulation function, liver function, urine and other routine examinations were performed.Imaging instruments perform ultrasonic examination of the fetal state.

Since the patient is pregnant, it is cautious, diet, and sleep. There is no abnormality in urination, and the weight of weight has gradually increased with the pregnancy week.In the examination of patients, there were no obvious abnormalities, and there were no obvious abnormalities.Single medium -term system fetal ultrasound examination (obstetric) reminds gestational week: 22 weeks+6 days of ultrasound pregnancy weeks: 23 weeks+1 day single tire, BPD: 5.8mm; HC: 21.2cm; AC: 18.2cm; FL: 4.0cmIt is estimated that the fetal weight: 553g left and right corners of the right brain chamber are 0.5cm wide, 0.5cm, the horizontal diameter of the cerebellum is 2.4cm, and the small brain extension pool depth is 0.5cm.Placenta: Houna thickness: 3.3cm; level 0 amniotic segment: 4.8cm; umbilical blood flow S/D: 3.75 fetal heart rate: 154bpm.Vaginal ultrasound screening: Pregnant women’s cervix length is about 3.2cm.

According to the patient’s self -reported symptoms, medical history, fetal ultrasound, vaginal ultrasonic screening results, I diagnosed the patient to 1 pregnancy and 28+4 weeks aura abortion.After clarifying the diagnosis, the hospitalization procedures for patients will be performed to improve the relevant auxiliary examinations.During the hospitalization, patients with magnesium sulfate, luteal ketone tires, and replenishment were given symptoms.After four days of symptomatic treatment, the patient’s condition improved and asked to be discharged. After evaluating the patient’s condition, he was discharged.

The patients are instructed to continue to use lutenone capsules after being discharged. One capsule, once a day, clean the vaginal medicine before going to bed after cleaning the vulva.In addition, pay attention to rest, strengthen nutrition, prohibit sexual life, control blood sugar, count the fetal movement by themselves, regular physical examinations every two weeks, and timely treatment of vaginal bleeding and lower abdominal pain.

1. Store nutrition to avoid mental trauma during pregnancy, avoid passive smoking without smoking, and not drinking alcohol.

2. Absolutely prohibit sexual life because prostaglandins in semen are absorbed by vaginal vagina.

3. Adjust the rhythm of life, reduce various pressures, and improve psychological state

4. Control sweets: Try to avoid adding sucrose, sugar, fructose, glucose, rock sugar, honey, maltose, sugar -containing drinks and sweets to avoid increasing rapid blood sugar after meals.

Symptoms such as magnesium sulfate, luteal ketone tires, and fluid replenishment have improved. The patient’s condition improves significantly. Patients are generally possible at discharge. They are not special discomfort. The patient’s mental condition is good.The heart is 145 times/min, the fetus is in good condition, and the patient’s lower limbs have no edema.Subsequently, the patient’s regular medical examination was used for two weeks, and the physical examination was acceptable.

1. Moderate exercise: exercise twice a day, 10-20 minutes each time, you can choose light and moderate exercise, such as: walking, broadcast exercises, etc., pay attention to monitoring the heart rate and contraction of the fetal.

2. Regularly monitor blood sugar: provide a good environment for the growth and development of the fetus.

3. Control the diet: In the entire pregnancy period, you should avoid the occurrence of hypoglycemia and ketones as much as possible. Eat less meals, low -salt diets, etc. Pay attention to the diet.The application of insulin after keto disease.

4. For check -up on time, especially fetal heart monitoring, B -ultrasound examination, etc., especially in the third trimester.

After pregnancy, the baby is getting bigger and bigger, and the mood of the maternal is more and more expected, and the body is even more bulky. At this time, pay attention to rest and diet to prevent signs of abortion.

What is a threatened abortion?After menstruation, a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs, or the pain with a slight lower abdomen or lumbosacral part, discharged without pregnancy, the cervical mouth is not opened, the size of the uterus is consistent with the menopause time.Breakfast abortion.

There are many reasons for threatened abortion. Increased embryo development or inconsistency of blood types are the most common causes of early abortion.The proportion of maternal factors is also very large, including mothers suffering from diseases such as anemia, hypertension, chronic nephritis, and heart disease. The mother’s body causes abortion due to various factors.

Symptoms of aura abortion vaginal hemorrhage can be bright red, pink or dark brown according to the different time of blood and staying in the vagina.The pelvis, abdomen or lower back of the maternal may have continuous pain.In addition to the discharge of the fetal abortion, it may also lead to severe diseases such as severe infections and sepsis of mothers.Therefore, the symptoms of threatened abortion must be visited in time.

Waiter women should understand the symptoms of threatened abortion, so as to prevent premature birth, and work closely with the doctor before pregnancy to find the risk factors that cause premature birth.Regular prenatal inspections, find problems early, and take countermeasures.

Name: Zhang Yinxing

Unit: Huangshi Central Hospital

Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Title: Deputy Chief Physician

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