What should I pay attention to when pregnancy?

The most important moment of a woman, one is when you are married, and the other is when you are pregnant.So what should I pay attention to when I am pregnant?

1. Sexual life should be controlled

The sexual life of husband and wife is the normal life of couples after marriage.But when the wife is pregnant, how to live a sex life should pay great attention.In order to ensure the health of the fetus, sexual intercourse should be avoided for 3 months in pregnancy.

2. These situations need to be seek medical treatment

For pregnant women, in the early stages of pregnancy, the most dangerous thing is ectopic pregnancy and abortion. When these two cases occur, pregnant women will have abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Therefore, if pregnant women find abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, they need to seek medical treatment in time.

3. Supplement folic acid to prevent fetal malformations

The first three months of pregnancy are the critical period of fetal nerve tube development. Therefore, expectant mothers should try to avoid various adverse factors, such as tobacco and alcohol environment, harmful chemicals, newly renovated houses, environment where air does not circulate, etc.Improve your own immunity, avoid virus infections, and do not take drugs privately.

In order to prevent fetal malformations, pregnant women start from early pregnancy (preferably starting from planning to be pregnant), and folic acid needs to be supplemented.Folic acid -rich foods include red amaranth, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, beans, yeast, animal liver and apple, citrus, etc.

4. Initial inspection

After diagnosis, expectant mothers need to go to the street hospital at 12 weeks of pregnancy to conduct prenatal examination, and establish a pregnant woman to contact the health care manual.In the future prenatal examination, you can choose to conduct in the second -level hospital or the hospital where the delivery is located.

5. Pre -delivery diagnosis

Preparatory diagnosis can exclude some major abnormalities, and can be done at the earliest 8 weeks of pregnancy.At present, the most commonly used chromosome tests are fluff examination and peripheral blood screening.If necessary, you can do amniocestinal puncture at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy to further confirm the diagnosis.

6. Don’t make up for it without authorization

In the early stages of pregnancy, the symptoms of joy may affect the appetite of expectant mothers to a certain extent.In diet, it is generally not advocated to supplement nutrition, mainly based on your own preferences, and eat whatever you want.The more powerful pregnant women should pay attention to eating some light and easy -to -digest foods.When you enter the second trimester, the pregnancy reaction disappears, and then the nutrition is too late.

You cannot eat hot foods during pregnancy, such as dog meat, mutton, pepper, etc.Replenishment during pregnancy should follow the principle of "Yiliang and avoid fever". Even if it is fruit, it should be eaten with flat and cold things, such as tomatoes, pears, peaches, etc.

7. Beware of radiation

In daily life, which radiation will affect the fetus. At present, it is difficult for us to say clearly. Therefore, experts still recommend that pregnant women wear spoke -proof jackets and stay away from TV when watching TV.Hang on your chest.

8. Pay attention to rest

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers are easy to feel tired, so they need to rest properly.Excessive fatigue can easily cause abortion of pregnant women, especially those pregnant women who have a history of abortion, have a history of abortion, and have some chronic diseases. They need to pay special attention to rest.Avoid too much hard work, strenuous exercise and emotional excitement in the early pregnancy, so that you can maintain a good mental state as much as possible.

9, frankly cope with pregnancy vomiting

About half of pregnant women will have different degrees of nausea and morning vomiting in about 6 weeks of pregnancy. This is mainly related to the increased level of chorrosive gonadotropic hormone in the blood in pregnant women.If nausea and vomiting are not serious, pregnant women can tolerate it, they do not need special treatment, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.As long as you keep your normal heart, have sufficient sleep, eat less meals, and choose the light, digestible food you like to eat.

If the pregnant woman responds more seriously and vomits persistent, or even eats or water, she must go to the hospital for treatment to see if she is vomiting in pregnancy.Pregnancy drama vomiting can easily cause electrolyte disorders in pregnant women, dangerous life, and need to be treated with water, so it cannot be ignored.

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