What should I pay attention to during my diet during pregnancy?

"When I am pregnant, my baby needs to be nutritious. I have to eat more." "For the baby, you can grow and fat in the stomach, and make up more health products. You must always hold this ideaThe prospective mother, as if not eating much after pregnancy, and not a lot of supplements will treat the baby in the stomach. But, is the prospective mother knowing? Isn’t it "eat more = eat well = eat right."

Shopma mothers have to master those healthy dietary principles to add points to their own and fetal baby?

How important is the "eating" of expectant mothers?

During pregnancy, expectant mothers have increased energy, protein, minerals (calcium, iron, iodine, etc.), and folic acid. SO. Specific mothers "recharge" nutrition in time are essential for their health and fetal baby.

How to eat scientific diet during pregnancy? None of these three major principles can be negligible:

1. Appropriate amount: The diet of expectant mothers must be in place

The first mothers must first ensure that the amount of diet meets the standard in order to keep the amount of nutritional elements keep up.Different diets and intakes are different, such as:

Folic acid -rich foods -folic acid can only be taken from food.Folic acid during pregnancy should reach 600 μg /d. In addition to eating rich foods containing folic acid, such as spinach, carrots, etc., it is also necessary to take 400 μg /d with folic acid supplements.

Milk & meat foods -starting from the second trimester, 200g of milk is needed every day than before pregnancy; for animal foods (fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat) in the second trimester125g.In this way, expectant mom can meet the demand for increased protein, vitamin A, calcium, iron, and energy.

Fruit & Vegetable Foods-Daily intake of expectant mothers should reach 300-500g, and the fruits are 200-400g, so as to supplement vitamins and dietary fiber for expectant mothers.

2. Balanced: The diet of expectant mothers should be "dew and dew"

"Balanced between everything", and the same is true for diet.Do not picky eaters and not partial eclipse is the basis for the diet of expectant mothers, so as to ensure that the seven major nutrients do not lose the team.

Some expectant mothers like a kind of food, they eat hard, but they "leave" other foods.The clever way of eating should be "disperse".For example, the prospective mothers in the second trimester make a "small goal" every day: for example, 50-75g thin livestock poultry meat, 50-75g fish shrimp, 50g eggs, 300-500g vegetables, 300-500g milk.Specific mothers can take different foods in balance according to this standard.

3. Diversity: "Diet Pagoda" to help

During pregnancy, diet should be a nutritious diet consisting of diverse foods."China Women’s Balanced Dietary Pagoda" recommends that pregnant women should consume a certain amount of water, valley potato, fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, milk, vegetables, fruits, soy/nuts, iodized salt and oilThese foods should appear on the table of expectant mothers every day, rather than sing "unicorn" by a certain type of food.

Foods that are good for mothers

(1) All -wheat products: including whole wheat biscuits, oatmeal porridge, whole wheat bread, etc.;

(2) Milk and soy products: expectant mothers should take about 1,000 mg of calcium every day. As long as 3 cups of lipstick milk can meet this demand;

(3) Fruits: There are many types of fruits, rich in vitamin C, folic acid, and a large amount of fiber, which can help expectant mothers to maintain their physical strength and prevent fatigue due to lack of water;

(4) Lean meat: Because lean meat is rich in iron, and it is easy to be absorbed by the human body;

(5) Vegetables: Vegetables with dark colors often mean high vitamin content;

(6) Dried fruit: Nuts such as peanuts; unsaturated fats that are beneficial to heart health.

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