What should I do if the skin is itchy for pregnant women?

Data show that nearly 20%of pregnant women have symptoms of skin itching during pregnancy.This itching is not like mosquito bites. It is just like a mosquito bites. It often harass pregnant mothers at any time in 24 hours a day.

Itching of pregnant women’s skin is very common, but it is easy for pregnant mothers to ignore the problem of skin itching. Where itch itchs, it is either to stand it or grab it. It is unknown that this will not only solve the problem but also affect the health of the fetus.

So what is the reason to make it so rampant?How should pregnant mothers deal with skin itching?

There are two main reasons for itching for pregnant women:

Physiological factors:

Some physiological changes during pregnancy cause itching in the skin during pregnancy, such as changes in hormone levels, the generation of stretch marks, and dry skin.Some pregnant mothers with itchy skin are affected by the changes in hormone levels in the body, making the skin particularly sensitive, susceptible to allergies, and it is more likely to have symptoms of skin pain.

Stretch marks appear in the abdomen in the middle and late pregnancy, and itching may also appear locally in the partial stretch marks.In addition, sweating during pregnancy increases, and pregnant mothers may increase the number of baths, and the use of frequent bathing supplies or baths will cause skin dryness, which is also one of the causes of skin itching.


Pregnant mothers have reached the middle and late pregnancy, and this itching is not a general itching, and sometimes it makes you itchy and unbearable.Then I couldn’t help scratching until I scratched the skin, and the whole body was scarred.If you are like this, it is not generally dry itching, or itching of skin diseases, maybe it suffers from cholecoscopic stasis.

In the pregnancy, the accumulation of the liver of the liver often occurs in the middle and advanced stages of pregnancy. It is mainly manifested by itching of the abdominal limbs. Most of the palms and feet are the most important. It will seriously affect the whole body and even be accompanied by jaundice.At this time, you should go to the hospital in time to make timely and correct diagnosis and treatment.

So, how to relieve skin itching during pregnancy?

Itching caused by disease

Pregnant mothers with itching must first exclude the disease factors. If itching is severe, you can go to the hospital for examination of liver and kidney function and eliminate allergies.

If it is an allergic skin disease, the pregnant mother needs to be separated from the allergic source and uses anti -allergic drugs locally; if it is an abnormal liver and kidney dysfunction, or itching caused by biliary disease, the primary disease is required, and fetal monitoring is strengthened.

Non -pathological skin itching

This type of pregnant women’s skin itching is more common, mainly caused by dry skin, stretch marks, and stretch marks rash during pregnancy.Therefore, to reduce the itching of the skin of pregnant women, it is necessary to do a good job of moisturizing and cleaning the skin, as well as the protection of stretch marks.So, what should pregnant women do?

1. Strict tension and emotional excitement, which will aggravate itching, so pregnant mothers must first reduce the mental burden and avoid irritability and anxiety.

2. Avoid scratching and itching.Because the skin often becomes red and scratching, the skin is often red, causing the epidermis to fall off, which will cause skin thickening and deepen of pigment, and then aggravate itching. It can even cause purulent infections and form a vicious circle.

3. Change underwear and underwear. Do not use water with high temperature or use alkaline soap to scrub it hard when bathing, because this will aggravate itching.

4. When itching is unbearable, pregnant mothers can use vinegar to heat the itching area, or use 10-15 capsules with peppercorns, boil water, and wash the affected area after the water temperature.Pregnant mothers with severe conditions can apply cooker glystone to the stove.

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