What should I do if the pregnant woman is "Yang"?Experts from provincial women and children’s women’s insurance department answered new crown hot issues

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What should I do if pregnant women are "yang"?

Can you still give birth if you are positive?

Can I still feed breast milk when I am Yang?

I am yang, will the fetus be healthy?

What are the cases of medical treatment in time?

Zhang Hongxiu, chief physician of the Women’s Health Department of Jiangsu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, will answer them one by one.

I am hot now, is it infected with the Omikon virus?

uncertain.Winter is the season of high incidence. The fever of pregnant women may be virus infections. For example, adenovirus, flow, and flow of flow can cause fever, and these diseases can also cause fever.Therefore, in the face of fever, the most important thing is to judge the cause.

Do I have to check the acid when I go to the hospital?

unnecessary.According to the current epidemic situation in Nanjing, in order to facilitate the citizens to see a doctor and reduce the gathering of popular kidney personnel, from December 16th, the city’s medical institutions will no longer check the 48 -hour nucleic acid negative certification (oral cavity, otolaryng, hemodialysis and other departments.There are high risks, and the prevention and control policies are formulated separately by various medical institutions).The emergency department will establish a green channel for emergency patients.

Will going to the hospital for examination will change?

As the social level is fully liberalized, many people say that the new crown virus is a big cold to ordinary people.But what should I do if the doctor and nurses who show you a doctor have also been infected with a large cold?Doctors and nurses do not have special effects and special methods, so that they will never be infected with new crowns.There is still a risk to go to the hospital. For your own safety, if you do not have obvious symptoms, you can reduce the number of times to go to the hospital.First go online through the Internet hospital. If you really need to go to the hospital, do not take public transport, and wear a mask all the way.

How to prevent the sun?

As a high -risk group of virus infections, pregnant women are important to pay attention to protection. First of all, they must not go to places with many people. Secondly, pay attention to their hygiene habits. In addition to wearing masks, they must also do well in hand!Do not contact your eyes, nasal or oral cavity with unskilled or disinfected hands to prevent infection.Wash your hands frequently, ventilate more, focus less, eat well, sleep well, maintain a good mood, and improve your immunity.If you are in the hospital, try to contact the escalators, elevator keys, door handles, etc., and use a quick -drying hand disinfection agent at any time after contacting public items.Here we emphasize wearing a mask. Wearing N95 masks is safer, and other protective measures must be done.

I am yang, will the fetus be healthy?

Don’t be too anxious.Although the Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology has reported a newborn in a cesarean section of a new coronary virus infected with a new coronary virus, and was also found infected with a new type of coronary virus.The newborn pharynxue nucleic acid detection, confirmed positive.However, the throat swab has been 36 hours before the newborn was born, and it cannot be explained that it is the maternal and baby vertical transmission. At present, a large number of clinical evidence shows that the virus is very likely to spread through the mother’s body. Therefore, if the new coronary virus is infected during pregnancy, don’t be too anxious!

Can I still give birth if I positive?

The new coronary virus infection is not an indication of the termination of pregnancy, and the timing of pregnancy should be individualized.The indication of the termination of pregnancy depends on the mother’s disease status, the gestational week, and the internal conditions of the fetus.Under the premise of ensuring the safety of maternal mothers, we should consider the pregnancy week.When there is an indicator of pregnancy, you can consider actively termination of pregnancy while treating.If you need to promote your lung maturity before stopping pregnancy, it is recommended to use dexamethasone or more Micatsone.By the way, the pregnant mother is reminded that compared with the delivery, the cesarean section will increase the probability of offspring allergies.Therefore, if there is no surgical indication of cesarean section, you can choose to give birth.

Can I still feed breast milk when I am Yang?

Can be breastfeed.The virus will not spread through breast milk. Breastfeeding will not only increase the child’s immunity, but also increase the relationship between mother and child. Breastfeeding can also reduce the probability of allergies for future generations.Breast milk has a lot of benefits for the baby, so it can be breastfeed after delivery.However, it should be noted that Baoma has a certain isolation or wearing a N95 mask in space with newborns in space.

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