What should I do if the pregnant woman accidentally sever?How to prevent and relieve the clever pregnant mothers know how to prevent and relieve it?

Guide: I have been pregnant for more than five months. The weather is very hot recently. I accidentally heat stroke. I suddenly dizzy in the morning, and I was uncomfortable and diarrhea. I went to the hospital to check it.I prescribed me some medicine and let me go back to drink plenty of water.People are still very uncomfortable now. What should I do if pregnant women are accidentally heat stroke?Does heat stroke affect the fetus?How should it be relieved?

Analysis: In summer, people are prone to fire and heat stroke, and pregnant women are special crowds, with low resistance, and they are easily affected by progesterone. The physical load of expectant mothers will increase.The heat and body temperature will also be 0.2 ° C -0.5 ° C higher than ordinary women, so they are more afraid of heat.Moreover, their subcutaneous fat layer is thicker than ever, and it is not conducive to the balance of heat production and heat dissipation, so it is easy to heatstroke.

Does heat stroke affect the fetus?

Pregnant women’s heat stroke can cause the circulation of the blood, affect the nutrition and gas exchange between the uterus and the placental velvet, which causes insufficient blood supply to the placenta and leads to the occurrence of fetal hypoxia.Especially the symptoms of diarrhea will affect the health of the fetus.During this period, be sure to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. After all, there are babies, and you must pay more attention.

What is heat stroke?

Severing stroke refers to a group of clinical symptoms caused by physical activity in a high temperature environment, or in a hot environment that causes physical temperature adjustment functional disorders. Generally, threatened manifestations are headache, dizziness, chest tightness, sweating, mouth, mouth, mouth, mouthSleeping thirst, weak limbs, inadequate attention, normal body temperature or slightly elevated, and symptoms such as high fever, fainting, and spasm may occur.

What should I do if pregnant women have heat stroke?How should it be relieved?

When pregnant women discover heat stroke, they should immediately cool down, and quickly evacuate the pregnant woman with a high temperature environment that causes heat stroke.It is recommended to physical cooling, apply ice or wet forehead to drink plenty of saline.Raising the lower limbs is conducive to blood circulation.If you have a headache, you can massage to help relieve tension nerves.If the situation is serious, the blood pressure should be lying flat immediately when the blood pressure is reduced, and the hospital should be visited in time to prevent the internal distress of the fetus.

Pregnant women’s medication is more cautious than ordinary people. The medicine should not be eaten randomly. It is recommended to consume medicines under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take medicine by themselves, because pregnant women may also affect fetal development at this time.

How to prevent heat stroke?

Pregnant women should pay more attention to the summer in the hot summer, and they can live in the air -conditioned environment appropriately, but do not blow the air -conditioning wind to themselves. Try not to go out at noon and the sun.Wear sunglasses, parasols, and wear good air -breathable clothes.Also replenish water in time.Don’t wait until thirsty before drinking water, otherwise the body was short of water.

You can also prevent heat stroke by diet, such as drinking mung bean soup, drinking gold and silver flower water, chrysanthemum water, these effects that can cool down and cool down. In addition, eating foods such as fruits and vegetables, eating watermelon, cucumber, winter melon, bitter gourd are very goodThe effect of clearing heat and relieving heat.Drink some salt boiling water appropriately to supplement the loss of salt in the body to prevent heat stroke.

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