What should I do if the expectant mother’s urine is frequent?

Can’t find the toilet and beautiful sleep when you go out, and you are interrupted by urine … When you are pregnant, are you also interrupted by this embarrassing situation?Generally speaking, frequent urination during pregnancy mainly occurs in the early pregnancy (March of pregnancy) and the third trimester (after July pregnancy).

The reason for frequent urination is that the pregnant mother has increased the metabolites of the mother’s body after the baby has the baby. Another reason is that the bladder is oppressed.The first reason is accompanied by the entire pregnancy, and the second reason is the key to the obvious urinary phenomenon.

In the early pregnancy, an increased uterus stimulates the bladder in front, thereby frequent urination symptoms.In the second trimester, the frequent urination phenomenon gradually reduced. This is because the uterus slowly increases in the abdominal cavity, and the stimulation symptoms of the bladder are alleviated.After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus slowly became larger, causing changes in the relative position of the pelvic cavity, which caused the pressure on the bladder to withstand the pressure and decreased capacity. At this time, even few urine can cause the pregnant mother to have urine, leading to frequent urination.

Of course, in the third trimester, irregular uterine contraction can also stimulate the bladder and symptoms of frequent urination.If you have not reached a full moon and the contraction is frequent, you should seek medical treatment in time to prevent premature birth.

Pregnant mothers should remember that all changes in their bodies are closely related to babies in the body.For the seemingly common embarrassing phenomenon of frequent urination, once ignored, it may cause serious consequences.

1. Urinary tract infection

There is no discomfort in the normal phenomenon of frequent urination.If the pain or urgency is too serious when the prospective mummy urinates, you need to check the urine routine to see if it is a urinary system infection and other diseases.This is because the movement of the ureter and bladder during pregnancy makes the urine accumulate in the urinary tract, which is easy to breed bacteria.

2. Inflammation

The irritation of inflammation is also the cause of frequent urination.When pregnant mothers have inflammation in the bladder, the threshold of the nerves decreases, and the urine center is excited, which causes frequent urination.At the same time, urinary tract stones and foreign bodies will also be expressed in frequent urination.

3. Neurological frequent urination

Some pregnant mothers’ frequent urination status is only seen in the day, or before going to bed at night, this category belongs to patients with mental tension or are seen in patients with mirror diseases. If pregnant mothers find that other expectant mothers will have frequent urination, they are not serious frequent urination.In the case of mental tension, it is easy to happen, and some pregnant mothers are even accompanied by urgency and pain.

1. Persist in the practice of pelvic relaxation to help prevent stress urinary incontinence.

However, this will cause premature risk of some pregnant mothers. You should ask your doctor’s opinion beforehand. Be careful not to do too intense exercise.

2. Balance daily drinking water.

The expectant mothers drink water every 2 hours, 8 times a day, 200 ml each time, a total of about 1600 ml.To avoid not going to the bathroom at night, it is best not to drink water within 1-2 hours before going to bed.

3. Eat as little as possible for diuretic foods.

Such as watermelon, clam, Poria, winter melon, Kunbo (kelp), Zexie (health food), front of car grass, corn beard, etc. have a good diuretic effect, pregnant mothers should avoid eating more.

4. Take side sleep.

Specific mothers should avoid supine positions while resting, and side lying can reduce the compression of the uterus to the ureter, prevent and treat the pelvis and ureter to the accumulation of urine infection.

5. The use of pads should be hygienic.

The urine during pregnancy always wants to come, and the pregnant mothers blush when they are embarrassed.Therefore, the prospective moms who use the pads during pregnancy must change the pads frequently to ensure hygiene and prevent bacterial infection.

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