What should I do if the endometrium is too thin?This new method helps you get pregnant success!

Successful pregnancy must have two basic conditions: high -quality embryos and good endometrium.

In the past 10 years, there are about 8 million to 10 million cases of artificial abortion each year in my country. The artificial abortion rate is much higher than the level of developed countries, and it shows the characteristics of normal, younger and repeated abortion rates.Due to the large population of educational age, and the Hong Kong and Macau regions, Guangdong Province is the largest province in China.

In addition, due to the opening of the two -child policy, more and more women ignore the knowledge of contraceptive medical knowledge, resulting in high repeated abortion rate.As a result, complications such as pelvic inflammation, uterine cavity adhesion, endometriosis, secondary infertility and other complications.

The most direct damage to women’s intrauterine operations in the Qing Dynasty is that the endometrium becomes thinner. In severe cases, the endometrium repair disorder often causes thin endometrium or adhesion of the uterine cavity.The endometrium base layer of the uterine adhesion is severely damaged, and the low regeneration ability of the endometrium and glands causes the endometrium regeneration disorder.

In the human auxiliary reproductive technology cycle, the endometrium thickness during the "planting window" period is the main indicator of the hyperplasia ability of the reaction endometrium. The ideal endometrium thickness is the key to ensuring the success of embryo.<7 mm’s clinical pregnancy rate is only 23.1%.

The current commonly used endometrial proliferation schemes include increasing estrogen dosage, extending the use time of estrogen, combined with low -dose aspirin, citrate sideline, neuromuscular electrical stimuli, uterine intravolen granular cells, etc.However, there are still some refractory endometrium patients with uterine endometrium without response to the above treatment, and it is difficult to achieve the thickness required by planting.Even though the uterine cavity adhesion was repaired by the incarnation of underclavixum, its adhesion recurrence rate was as high as 40-50%, and the endometrium was still facing the problem of thin endometrium and no response to conventional treatment, which plagued patients and clinicians.

"If there is no people flowing, the endometrium of the uterine cavity should be like velvet, ready to accept embryo planting, it is like cement land, it is difficult for seeds to take root here.It has a relationship. "Professor Liang Xiaoyan, the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Sixth Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, said that he must be cautious to treat tires, which means that women will bear the risk of adhesion, thin uterine walls, and difficulty in fertility in the future.

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The uterine cavity surgery caused the endometrium to be thin, and came to Guangdong for a thousand miles

Ms. Liao, from Shenyang, Liaoning, is 34 years old. Due to the past treatment of the auxiliary reproductive treatment of the uterine cavity in the past treatment, two cycles have been treated in test tubes in the field of foreign hospitals.fail.After turning multiple hospitals, the repeated uterine cavity adhesion, postoperative endometrial conditioning is still thin, and the thickness of the endometrium is only 4-5mm. Whenever the doctor told the endometrium that the endometrium is too thin and unable to pregnancyEssence

For many years of running and treatment, the body and psychology were extremely tired, but the couple did not give up. They learned that the comprehensive conditioning of the Zhongshan Sixth Hospital of Reproductive Center had a comprehensive regulation of the endometrium.Combined with her situation, the reproductive center of Zhongshan Sixth Hospital performed hysteroscopy examination in parallel fine uterine adhesion. The postoperative auxiliary artificial cycle replacement and comprehensive treatment plan gradually resumed the normal shape of the uterine cavity, but the endometrium was still thin. After trying the embryo transplantationfail.

In response to her situation, Professor Liang Xiaoyan decided to adopt new technologies in intrauterine injection in the uterine cavity of autologous bone marrow stem cells, combined with comprehensive treatment solutions such as artificial cycle and growth hormone.The capacity of the membrane has been significantly improved. After transplanting two blastocysts, a single pregnancy has been delivered smoothly.

It has nothing to do with the picture and text, just to match the picture

Stem cells are immature primitive cells with self -renewal and multi -directional differentiation potential. They have multi -energy and have a multi -energy cell in a specific environment.The ingrained medium medullacocytes are convenient, non -ethical, and low immunogenic. It has the ability of self -renewal and multi -directional differentiation of stem cells. It is the best source of adult stem cells and the most studied stem cells at present.

In addition, it has immune regulation function and helps endometrial adjustment.The previous animal experiments found that the accumulaable stem cells in the bone marrow can be migrated to the uterus, increasing the thickness of the endometrium, and improving the endometrium tolerance. It has the potential to treat thin uterine endometrium.Clinically.

In the past two years, the Zhongshan Sixth Hospital Reproductive Center team has actively explored under the leadership of Professor Liang Xiaoyan. After repeated experimental research, the first set of clinical treatment of autologous bone marrow stem cells suitable for clinical clinicals.In addition to the patients in the province, there are also 6 patients from Shenyang, Fuzhou, and Wuhan. Six patients have been pregnant, and three patients have giving birth to have good clinical effects.The results of its clinical research will be released in the near future.

"Methods are more difficult than difficulties." Professor Liang Xiaoyan, who had previously implemented the world’s first "oval mother cell injection of autologous bone marrow cell mitochondria", said frankly.The team of Zhongshan Sixth Hospital’s Reproductive Center is unremittingly exploring and innovating, and is committed to actively solving practical problems facing clinical.The intrauterine intraperium of bone marrow stem cells improves the reactiveness and tolerance of the endometrium of the Philippines, promoting the implantation of the embryo to get clinical pregnancy, and brings the hope of "life" to patients with the uterine cavity and the endometrial endometrium patients."The fire of the stars can be alarm", the endometrium is continuously covered with the breeding bed for embryos, waiting for the arrival of new life silently.

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