What should I do if the Empress Dowager is pregnant?

In recent years, the palace fighting drama has set off a boom, and the concubine is fraudulent, intrigue, in order to compete for the emperor’s love, even the palace lady can look forward to the one -day rain and dew, so they may be pregnant with dragons, so they may be pregnant with dragons.Then become the master of the harem.Most of the women in the harem are eager to be the emperor’s woman, but there is a woman who can become the most noble woman in the harem. This woman is the emperor’s mother and the queen queen of the harem.

The queen queen is usually a woman of the first emperor. When their son becomes the new emperor, they can be the queen mother as the emperor’s mother. Sometimes the queen mother is her aunt, sometimes her mother, or the queen queen queen.The harem has great majesty.

So once he became the queen mother, then it means that their husband is dead. Although they live a life of respect, they are actually alive.Over the exception, they were pregnant as the queen mother!This is really incredible to the world. Since they are all widows, why will they conceive their children?What is the most decent thing in the harem, is it covered under the wealth of wealth?

It is not a thing worth celebrating when the queen pregnancy is worth celebrating. Instead, it hurts the country and has the reputation of humiliating the royal family. So what will the emperor deal with them, and what is their result?Today, I will introduce several queen queen queen in history to see how their endings.

The first thing to say is the famous Queen Mother Qin Xuan, the "Biography of Yueyue", which was broadcast in the past few years. I believe many people have seen Yueyue on the court in front of the court in front of the cultural and military officials, and announced that she was pregnant.Saying that she dreamed of the Emperor in the evening, the emperor’s dream made her pregnant. This explanation sounded extremely absurd, but because of her importance of her in the Qin Kingdom, Yue Yue could not say anything.This is not an exaggerated plot in the film and television drama, but because the Queen Mother Xuan is indeed very powerful in history. After the young son Qin Zhaoxiang was entitled, Queen Mother Xuan was in charge of Qin Zheng.During the administration, the biggest credit of the Empress Dowager was to attack the country and destroy the western sufferings of the Qin Kingdom in one fell swoop, but the process of eliminating Yiqu Jun was really long.

The Empress Dowager Xuan seduced Yiqu Jun into the Qin at the cost of herself. In order to let Yiqu Jun remove the heart and be vigilant, Yiyi and Yiqu Jun had been living in a life.The Empress Dowager Xuan seemed to be committed to the thief, but her life in the harem was indeed delicious. She was still very good in her little life. In the end, she still killed Yiqu Jun in Ganquan Palace. Qin Guo took the opportunity to send troops.Attacking and destroying Yiqu, the Empress Dowager Xuan became the biggest contributor to Qin Kingdom.What kind of position can Qin Wang and the courtiers blame her even if she was pregnant?In the end, the Queen Mother Xuan enjoys her old age, and the birthday is ending.

The queen mother to be said next was Qin Kingdom, but she was not only the Queen Mother, but also chased as the Empress Dowager. Because she was the biological mother of Qin Shihuang Zhengzheng, but because of her biological mother of Zheng Zheng, she finally.The end of the game is completely opposite to the Empress Dowager.

Zhao Ji was originally Lu Buwei’s Ji Ji, and later became the queen of King Qinzhuang Xiang, so he gave birth to the future Qin Wang Zheng.At that time, when Lu Buwei was doing business in Handan, he saw Qin Qiang, who was arranged as the hostage of Qin Kingdom, and thought that strange people could live, so Lu Buwei gave Zhao Ji to Qin Difang.Bloodline.After the planning of Lu Buwei and others, after Qin Qi returned to China, he was established as Chu Jun, and eventually boarded the throne and was for King Qinzhuang Xiang.Unfortunately, King Qinzhuang Xiang is also a short -lived person. At the age of thirty, he died early. The thirteen -year -old prince was ascended. Zhao Ji was respected as the queen mother.Essence

The young and beautiful Queen Mother Zhao was unwilling to stay. She had known Lu Buwei for many years. The two had constipation, but Lu Buwei was afraid that he would be discovered by Zheng Zheng, so he sent a fake eunuch to Queen Mother Zhao., Quickly captured Zhao Ji’s joy. The two did not distinguish between the evenings of the harem, and Zhao Ji was pregnant soon.Fortunately, Zhao Ji also knew that the news of her pregnancy would definitely be caught after gone, so they hid in the palace outside the palace. Zhao Ji gave birth to two boys.Planning the world’s events, so he did not take care of them.However, he was afraid that after the East Window had an incident, he would be executed by Zhengzheng, so he became a heart of usurping. The Empress Dowager Zhao was not a good mother.Dear son.

However, where could they deal with the savvy and wise Zhengzheng. After being discovered, they were divided by five horses. The two illegitimate sons were killed on the spot, and the queen mother was driven to Puyang Palace to imprison.However, the things that Qin and Queen Mother’s hatred of each other would have a worse impact, so the minister persuaded Qin to reconcile with the queen mother with death.Unfortunately, after Lu Buwei was killed by Zheng Zheng, the Empress Dowager Zhao had been gloomy and died in a few years.

Both the Empress Dowager and Queen Mother Zhao were pregnant, but why is there such a big difference between the two of them?The Empress Dowager was pregnant to remove the sufferings of the Qin State, which was beneficial to the country.However, Queen Mother Zhao gave birth to his son to replace King Qin. Naturally, King Qin and Qin Kingdom would not agree, so the Empress Dowager’s historical review was not very good, and he could not be compared with the Empress Dowager.

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