What should I do if the disturbing vaginitis takes you?

1. Is the increase in leucorrhea?

Increased leucorrhea is not necessarily vaginitis.Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea will change with the menstrual cycle. The cervical glandular secretion in the middle period of menstruation is strong, the amount of leucorrhea will increase significantly, and transparent is like egg white, which will not cause the symptoms of vulva stimulation.

Therefore, the amount of leucorrhea is not necessarily the vaginitis; but if there is a large amount of leucorrhea or accompanied by the symptoms of vulva, you need to be alert to vaginitis and you should see it in time.

2. Does vaginitis affect pregnancy and pregnancy?Can I treat it during the period?

Bacterial vaginal disease can be infected by uplifting, causing endometritis, appendicitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease, which may lead to infertility, or increase the possibility of ectopic pregnancy; vaginal trichin can devour sperm and hinder the production of lactic acid.Affecting sperm survival in the vagina, which may lead to infertility.

Therefore, no matter during pregnancy or pregnancy, it should be actively treated during vaginitis, and even if there are drugs that can be used during pregnancy, do not taboo diseases and doctors.Influence.

3. Will vaginitis be contagious?

Bacterial vaginitis is generally not transmitted.It is mainly caused by the disorder of its own vaginal flora.Sexual partners of bacterial vaginal disease do not need to be treated together.The possibility of fungal vaginitis is not very likely.

The pathogen of vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease belongs to fungi and is an opportunity to cause pathogenic bacteria -that is, it will occur only when the whole body or vaginal immunity decreases, and it is rarely transmitted through sexual intercourse or sexual contact.Therefore, sexual partners generally do not need to be treated together.

Trichomonas vaginitis can be contagious, mainly through sexual contact, which is a sexually transmitted disease.Men are often asymptomatic after vaginal tricia, but they may become a source of infection, which can be transmitted to others through sexual contact.

In addition, vaginal tricia can also be indirectly transmitted through public baths, swimming pools, clothing and toilet.So sexual partners need to be treated together.

4. How to prevent vaginitis?

Relying on yourself, only when you pay attention to your usual life can you effectively avoid the occurrence of vaginitis.

* Wear cotton loose underwear and change them hard to avoid pants with poor breathability such as tight denim and chemical fiber materials;

* You should often change the underwear and try to dry it in the sun;

* Wipe the anus after the stool, and avoid bringing bacteria in the feces to external vulva and vagina;

* Do not blindly use the washing liquid to rinse the vulva or wash the vagina to prevent the pH internal pH from rising and destroy the vaginal micro -ecological balance;

* Strengthen the laws of nutrition, work and rest, exercise appropriately, and improve the body’s immunity.

️ Vaginitis is not terrible. One of the most common problems in gynecology will improve as long as the treatment of medication, but usually only in life with its own attention. Scientific care methods are more reliable than washing healthier.

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