What should I do if the "care" dog is here?

A novice shovel officer shared his embarrassment on the platform!

For more than half a year, dogs have been healthy and healthy. Once, I found that the dog’s urine pads in the family had a faint pink.Scared the shoveling officer, flipped through the dog’s body, and found that the dog was hematopoietic!

I hurried to the hospital for a long time, and I found that the dog just came to the aunt.

The shoveling officer said that after so many years of life, for the first time, he knew that the dog would also come to the aunt.

Many friends who have not raised dogs may not know that dogs will also come to the aunt.For bitch, there is always so annoying.

For the pitch shoveling officer, the dog is upset.What is it? Of course, it is a period of estrus that makes dogs rush.

1. The characteristics of the estrus of the dog:

The bitch began to enter the stage of maturity from 6-8 months, and twice a year, and it usually lasts for 3-16 days.

During the estrus, the most obvious feature of dogs is the condition of vulvar hematopoietic secretions, that is, the "big aunt" often referred to by shovel officers.At this time, the behavior of dogs will also appear abnormal, such as not eating, more sticky people, no spirit, irritable temper, poor mental state (even biting people).

Some shoveling officials complained that the well -behaved dogs are not good at estrus, and they will urinate.In fact, this is also one of the performances of the dog’s estrus. It is divergent to divert your breath through diarrhea, as if telling other dogs: I want to take off the order, you can come to me.

Complaining to complains, you still have to take care of your treasure. The dogs have come to the aunt, and the shoveling officers should take care of it carefully.

What should I do? Drink more hot water? Drink plenty of brown sugar water? Drink more hot brown sugar water? No, no, dogs expressed rejection.

2. How should the shovel officers take care of the dogs during the estrus

1. Keep hygiene

Pay attention to the "little peach" care of the dog.Because the pussy is swollen during the estrus, the dog feels uncomfortable to lick and lick, which can easily cause bacterial invasion. The shoveling officer should pay attention to preventing the dog from the behavior of the dog.

The shoveling officers can clean the pussy with clean warm water and towels every day to keep them clean and clean.

2. Prepare dogs for dogs

Some dogs with a large amount of aunts will get blood droplets everywhere. It makes the family like the "homicide scene". If the shoveling officer wants to avoid this, it is best to put on the dog’s aunt’s pants.

[Picture source: Xiaoxiao is very happy]

When you are at home, you depend on the shoveling officer, but you must wear it when you go out when you go out!

The arrival of the dog estrus during the estrus proves that the dog has matured and has the ability to conceive, and the smell emitted by the estrus during the estrus will make the male dogs lose their minds. Often, the male dog will break away from the lead of the owner.Period bitch.Then you know …

In order to avoid accidental pregnancy, the shoveling officer must prepare aunt pants for the dog, but pay attention to the aunt’s pants to change diligently and keep dry and hygienic.

3. Enter the health state in advance

Do not exercise severely, rest more, keep warm when walking dogs, do n’t get cold, do n’t blow air conditioners for a long time, lying on the floor, avoid cold food, eat more nutritious foods … We do n’t know if this pair of dogs are in the dogUse it anyway.

The dogs who come to the aunt will be more vulnerable than usual. The shoveling officers must take care of them carefully. It is always right to enter the health state in advance.

Finally, the most important point is that when you go out to walk the dog, you must be careful of the dog.

If you do n’t want to be flat for no reason, you do n’t want to accidentally harvest a nest of puppies. If you do n’t want to feel the hardship of bringing your baby in advance in the good years, you must protect your dog.

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