What should I do if pregnant women have a cold during the epidemic?

Beginning on March 18, the main urban area of Huaihua City was closed due to the whole city.Ms. Zhang, who was 25 weeks of pregnancy, has a stuffy nasal congestion and runny nose in the past two days. What should I do if she can’t get out of the community for the time being?Can you take the medicine yourself?What should I pay attention to?Don’t worry, the pharmacist of the First People’s Hospital of Huaihua City interprets it for you.

Distinguish ordinary colds and influenza.The general symptoms of ordinary colds are mild, mainly manifested in nasal congestion, runny nose, dry cough, etc., which can be treated at home.Pay attention to rest, drink more temperature boiling water, and keep the air flow, most of them can heal themselves.Influenza is mainly caused by the flu virus, and the symptoms of the whole body are severe, including: fever, which may rise to above 40 ° C, chills; headache, sore or uncomfortable, fatigue, etc.There are often sore throat or upset, dry cough, or a little white phlegm; loss of appetite.

Influenza viruses are rarely spread to the fetus through the placenta. However, the influenza virus infection of women in pregnancy can still have adverse effects on the fetus.Heating is a common symptom of influenza, which may lead to some birth defects and other bad endings of infants.Studies have found that the risk of abortion, premature birth, death, and low birth weight in early pregnancy has found that in addition, lip cracks, neural tube defects, hydrocephalus, and congenital heart defects have also increased.

Once the flu is diagnosed, the first choice of drugs are oral Olympic Weir, but they need to be used under the guidance of doctors or pharmacists.Influenza can be vaccinated in advance if necessary. The flu vaccine is an active vaccine without increasing the risk of fetal malformations or increasing the risk of miscarriage.

How to use a cold during pregnancy?

Whether to use antibacterial drugs: Colds are mainly caused by viruses, while antibacterial drugs are targeted at bacterial, which is ineffective for the virus.However, if the symptoms of concurrent bacterial infections occur due to a cold, such as cough pus sputum, pus points in the tonsils, etc., antibacterial drugs can be used under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist.

When the sore throat is fever: If the pregnant mother does not exceed 38.5 ° C, generally does not need to be used with antipyretic medicine, and the physical methods such as wipe the bath and the hot towel wet application can be used to cool down.The drug is acetaminol (only acetaminophenol can be used after 28 weeks).

When the nasal congestion runny nose: you can use hot air for atomization to improve the symptoms. Use a cup of hot water to smoke the nose or throat with its hot steam, or add your own steaming machine to the drinking water for atomization. In addition, you can also use it.Sea salt water is washing nose; if the foundation of allergic diseases can be determined by Setoline, pyrine; avoid using pseudo -alkaline drugs.

When dry cough: First of all, consider hot air atomization. If necessary, use antitussive drugs to use right Michafin, but if there is sputum, it should not be used, and it should be disabled within 12 weeks of pregnancy.Inhale qi mist.

When there is sputum cough, it is still first considered that the hot air atomization is still considered. If necessary, you can use expectorantide ampocyric. It is not recommended to use it within 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Can you drink Chinese medicine: Do not take traditional Chinese medicine according to the prescription; you can take Chinese medicine under the dialectical theory of Chinese medicine practitioners to avoid using taboos, such as cinnabar, aconite, Baban, ceramic, leech, rhubarb, safflower, etc.(Deng Ziwei)

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