What should I do if my stomach has been uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy?

Most of the pregnant mothers will have stomach discomfort, inconsistent appetite, and even vomiting symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. Generally, this is a normal phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy.However, pregnant mothers still need to know what the stomach is uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy, so as to take some relief measures!

1. What is going on with the stomach in the early stages of pregnancy?

In fact, the stomach has been uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy. It is because of the physical changes caused by the secretion of progesterone, which makes the sphincter relax, and the food that is eaten is easy to return.In the mouth, stimulating the mucous membrane, causing stomach pain, and symptoms of stomach discomfort.

Of course, some pregnant mothers have stomach problems before pregnancy and have not been completely cured.Then, if you have a improper diet during pregnancy, you will aggravate the discomfort of the stomach.If the pregnant mother has this situation, it is recommended to go to the hospital to see to prevent the worsening of the gastritis and affect the nutritional intake of the future pregnancy!

2. What should I do if my stomach is uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy

Furthermore, the stomach is uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy, nor can it be dragged because of the normal reaction of early pregnancy. Usually, some measures should be taken to relieve it. So what should I do if the stomach is uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy?Methods as below:

1. Stomach discomfort caused by progesterone, you can eat some acidic foods to relieve

If it is caused by the discomfort caused by progesterone (progesterone), you can eat citrus, bayberry and other fruits and products. These foods contain more organic acids, which can stimulate the gastrointestinal gland in the gastric wall, increase gastric acid, improve digestive enzyme activity, promote the stomachIntestinal motility, increase appetite, help food digestion and absorption, which helps to relieve stomach discomfort.

2. Don’t smell the smell of oil fume

The family is cooking. Pregnant mothers can walk around the sparse places in the outdoor crowd, or stay in the room, so as not to smell the smell of the oil smoke induced the stomach discomfort.

In addition, as a pregnant woman’s family, when preparing a pregnant woman for pregnant mothers, try to remove the greasy and smell of food, so that pregnant mothers will have a happier to eat.

3. Eat less meals

Pregnant mothers were not very good for eating because the stomach was comfortable, but the diet that should be arranged should still be arranged reasonably. Pregnant mothers can choose to eat less meals to eat the food required for one day to ensure nutritional nutritionDaily supply and demand.

What is the stomach uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy?Generally because of discomfort caused by hormone secretion in early pregnancy, sometimes some pregnant mothers are caused by gastric disease before pregnancy.In any case, if the pregnant mother is uncomfortable with the stomach, it is better to seek medical treatment in time.In addition, the method described in the text can usually be used to relieve stomach discomfort.

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