What should I do if my spleen and stomach are weak?I often eat these Chinese medicines, nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the body

Due to the fast pace of life of modern people and irregular diet, many people’s spleen and stomach function is more or less damaged.The slight spleen and stomach are weak, and the severe symptoms such as gastric acid, stomach pain, food and weakness, and even more serious diseases.Moreover, Chinese medicine believes that the essence of the spleen is the essence of food and has a healthy physique only with good spleen and stomach.So what about people with weak spleen and stomach?Director Ma Shuhua told everyone that the weakness of the spleen and stomach is not unable to repair it. As long as the use of traditional Chinese medicine materials can be used reasonably, it can completely restore the spleen and stomach function.However, the repair of spleen and stomach function is a long process. We need to adhere to our long -term adherence. Eat these Chinese medicines in life can play a good role in nourishing the spleen and stomach and strengthening the body.

1. Yam to nourish the spleen and nourish the stomach. It is also familiar to everyone who can make up for yam, but the yam in Chinese medicine is still different from the yam we bought in the vegetable market.The yam purchased by the vegetable market is more biased towards the attributes of food. It is a kind of dish, and the yam in Chinese medicine is generally "Huai Yam".Huaoshan medicine comes from Jiaozuo, Henan. This yam is the best effect.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Huaishan medicine is sweet and flat, which can play a good effect of nourishing the temper and nourishing the stomach, and it has a certain amount of replenishment. Long -term consumption is beneficial to some people with weak constitution and long -term illness.

2. Atractylodes to strengthen the spleen and qi. In fact, the traditional Chinese medicine that can nourish the spleen and nourish qi is the first choice.In traditional Chinese medicine, Atractylodes is known as the first medicine for nourishing qi and spleen. It can be seen that the spleen of the spleen of Atractylodes is very good.Atractylodes can not only nourish the spleen and qi, but also dry and damp water.Like common indigestion, spleen deficiency diarrhea, edema, etc. caused by weak spleen and stomach, atractylodes can work together.In addition, atractylodes also have a certain effect of settlement of sweat, which can also be used for the spleen deficiency and stomach weakness in the special period of pregnancy.

3. Codonopathic spleen and lungs, and can nourish the yin and codonopsis is a common medicine that is very common. Many people with weak constitution and low immunity often use party ginseng to soak in water.In fact, the role of Codonopsis is more than that, and it has a good effect on the spleen and stomach.Cangshen has a good effect on the weakness of food and stomach weakness and thin stools.In addition, Codonopsis also has a good effect of nourishing the lungs and nourishing yin, such as the weakness of food caused by the spleen and lung deficiency, shortness of cough and shortness of cough, etc., as well as insufficient fluid and shortness of thirst caused by yin deficiency.

4, malt strengthening the spleen appetizer, and can eliminate the edible malt is a commonly used Chinese medicine that is commonly used. Its sweetness and flatness can play a good job of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and moving qi and digestion.Daily life can be alleviated with malt the stagnation of the stagnation of the daily diet and indigestion.Malt can also eliminate food accumulation while strengthening the spleen, so it is especially suitable for poor spleen and stomach caused by accumulating food.In addition, malt is not toxic, and it is also safe in pediatric medication. Therefore, malt often uses the time of treating children’s food accumulation and weak spleen and stomach.Of course, in many Chinese medicines, the traditional Chinese medicine materials that can strengthen the spleen and stomach are far more than that.It is just that these Chinese medicines are representative. Regardless of the safety of medication, or the taste of medicine, people are easy to accept.However, the conditioning of the spleen and stomach cannot be simply rely on these. The most important thing is a good eating habit or the help of a professional Chinese medicine practitioner.Purpose.

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