What should I do if my expectant mother has a cold?

Cold during pregnancy is a very headache. It is not good to worry about the baby with medicine.Nowadays, air -conditioning is turned on at home in summer, and the temperature is slightly low and accidentally caught a cold.How should I deal with colds during pregnancy?What is the impact of colds during pregnancy?

What should I do if I have a cold and fever during pregnancy

1. General colds, the symptoms are mild. It is just runny nose, sneezing, no severe symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and other severe symptoms. It generally does not have an impact on embryos and fetuses.It is usually good for a few days of rest.

2. At 5-14 weeks of pregnancy, it is the time for the formation of fetal embryo development organs. If a influential cold and severe symptoms, the fetus is often greater.Colds often seriously affect eugenics.

3. Pregnant women have a cold, especially when they have a cold in the early stages of pregnancy. As long as the temperature increases by more than 38 degrees, she should go to the hospital for treatment. It is not advisable to take medicine by themselves.

4. Drinking chicken soup can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose during a cold, and it has a good effect on removing the respiratory virus.Drinking chicken soup frequently can enhance the natural resistance of the human body and prevent colds.Add some pepper, ginger and other condiments to the chicken soup, or eat below to cure a cold.

5. Use green onion (it must be fresh onion white, not to be other parts) 2 or 3 sections. The length is about the length of the thumb. Coupled with the peeling ginger slices 2 or 3 pieces, add water to cook together.Cold water in a cold water, boil together, the pot is best used for the casserole without metal.You can cook 2 or 3 times (cooking again when you drink it next time), but I only cook the amount of a small bowl I drink at each time, and immediately cover the quilt to sleep after drinking it.Helps fever and sweat.

6. Eat light on the meal. For example, drink only rice porridge for pickles, or eat only vegetables and fruits within a day or two, do not eat meat, eat less for one or two days, big fish and meatAny influence.The staple food can also be appropriately reduced. For example, you can eat 2 or two rice in one meal, so you do n’t eat a small spoon of amount of spoonful when you eat.

7. Boil water with fresh lily, cook until the lily is soft, eat lily, drink lily water instead of daily drinking water, go to the inner fire to prevent a cold due to fire, and lily water is effective for throat pain.My favorite, because Lily naturally has a sweet taste.The taste of lily water and boiled water, but nothing special.

8. When a pregnant woman coughs, one egg can be evenly picked up, add a small amount of white sugar and ginger juice, and rinse it with half a cup of boiling water.

9. When you have a cold, you must drink plenty of water. If the body temperature rises, it feels just when it is slightly heated than the normal body temperature. You can drink some naturally cool boiled water and drink more water to the toilet to timely eliminate the toxins and internal fire in the body.

10. The root of the cabbage is the part that we eat without it and is often cut off. After washing, add green onions and boiled water. Drink it while it is hot. It has the effect of reducing fever and sweating.

What is the impact of colds during pregnancy?

1. Moms are relatively easy to fever when they have a cold, especially within 8 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the organ of the embryo is just differentiated and formed. High fever is likely to cause abnormalities in the physical environment and easily cause embryonic deformity, such as fetal baby cleft lip, heart disease, heart diseasewait.

2. If the body temperature of expectant mothers exceeds 38.5 degrees, it is high.High fever can cause miscarriage and premature birth.

3. If the pregnant mother has severe cough and sputum after a cold, it may be combined with bronchitis, further lung infection occurs, and it is also easy to cause abortion and premature birth.In addition, continuous cough will also cause the tension of the uterine cavity too much, which will cause premature fetal membrane and lead to premature birth.

How to prevent colds in summer?

1. Eat onion and garlic to prevents

Summer diet should usually be light, avoid cold and spicy food, while maintaining a good attitude and enhancing your own resistance.For people with poor constitution, you can take traditional Chinese medicine such as big green leaves and Banlangen to prevent colds.In daily food, garlic, ginger, shallots, and vinegar also have the strange effect of preventing colds.

2. The use of air conditioners is particular

The air conditioner in summer is too fierce, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, which often causes a cold to affect health.It is recommended that the crowd reduce the time in the air -conditioned room. Generally, the temperature difference between the air conditioner and the outdoor temperature is 4 ° C. The "office workers" should not rush into the air conditioning room when they return home;

3. Frequently wash your hands and have research

Show, the touch of the hand is the most susceptible to the virus.In the droplets of cold patients, only 8%have cold viruses, and most of the virus infection is still through the hand.If the health crowd touches the place where the patient has touched, and then touch his nose and eyes, you will have a cold.To this end, the effective way to prevent colds is to wash your hands frequently, try to touch your eyes and nose with your hands as little as possible.

Tips: Although you cannot use medicine casually after pregnancy, it does not mean that it cannot be used.Once a cold is serious, pregnant moms can go to the hospital to take the medicine with the doctor’s instructions.Do not use the medicine casually.

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