What should I do if I sneeze, itchy, and itchy eyes, what to do if it is allergic to spring and summer.

In the season when the flowers are in full bloom, flowers and trees are bathed with us under the sun. The scenery is beautiful, and people’s moods are so comfortable. Some people do not think so. This is a crowd of allergic diseases.

My high school classmates suffer from allergic rhinitis for more than five years. Every spring, the nose is stuffy and flowing nose. If he goes to the park to enjoy the flowers, he will sneeze, wipe his nose, rub his eyes, his nose and eyes will be rubbed and kneaded.Get red.

I couldn’t help it this year. I came to me for treatment. I have greatly reduced the symptoms after I use allergic fried and subtracted seven doses. I have not seen a recurrence for more than a month.

Mr. Li Ke, known as "ICU of Chinese Medicine", said that in the eyes of Chinese medicine, allergic diseases have two aspects: "yang deficiency" and "Fu Xie", so we also analyze from these two aspects.

First of all, look at "Yangxu", "The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics · Assassin’s theory" wrote: "Righteousness is inside, evil cannot be done." This sentence is well understood, that is, we are full of qi and qi in our body, and evil spirits cannot violate our body.On the contrary, if the righteousness is weak, it is easy to give the evil qi opportunity.

On the body of our human body, there has always been a layer of yang to defend. We are not attacked by foreign evils, so we gave it a very appropriate name called it "guarding qi".

Once you are inadequate, yang qi is deficient, or the acquired is default, the yang qi is damaged, or the habit of life hurts the yang qi, which causes the tightness of the "health".

At this time, Weiqi cannot protect our bodies without a dead end of 360 degrees, so we give the wind evil, cold evil, and even pollen opportunities. While "guarding qi" does not pay attention, it invades the interiorsymptom.

Next, "Fu Xie", as the name suggests, is the evil spirit that invades our body to lurk in a certain position, and then wait for the timing to make the wind.

People who are healthy in our health have a good defense mechanism. Generally, as long as there are evil violations, we will immediately show the performance of cough, fever, sneezing and other righteousness and evil.

However, this is not the case in the human body with a large yang. Because of the deficiency of yang, the body seems to be a city without a general, and the evil spirits are swinging in the ground., Waiting for the timing, the inside should be closed, and the city will be captured in one fell swoop.

In fact, these two factors may not be allergic when they exist, but the coexistence of the two is the effect of one plus one than two.

The yang is insufficient, and the evil evil is inside. When you come into contact with similar evil spirits again, you will hook out the evil evil, just like what we just said, in the city and outside, in the inside and outside.It is also necessary to bear the responsibility of the city. Naturally, it is struggling to fight, but he has a soldiers and swimming. The strength is too weak and can only be intertwined with the evil spirits. Therefore, these lingering allergic symptoms appear.

Allergies are created by contemporary Chinese medicine, and they are known as "contemporary sutras".

It consists of windproof, silver firewood, black plum, Schisandra, and licorice.

Fang Chinese drugs have been collected and scattered, there are supplements and leaks, rising and falling, and yin and yang are adjusted. It is commonly used in clinical clinics to treat all allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, allergic urticaria, allergic asthma, and allergic purpura.

Square solution

Windproof: Wind -proof, also known as Tong Yun, Huiyun, flavor, sweetness, slightly warm, returned to the bladder, spleen, liver meridian, there is expelling wind to relieve watches, wetting pain and relieving pain, and stopping spasm.Itching, etc., can often be seen in the prescriptions of exterior sensing tests, such as Yuping Wind San, windproof and sanctuary, etc.

In this prescription, the choice of windproofing is a monarchy because the rash on the allergic patient is caused by the enters of the wind and evil, and the windproof just has the power to dispel wind.

Silver Chaihu: Silver Chaihu tastes sweet, slightly cold, and belongs to liver and stomach meridians.Gan Han Yi Yin, clearing heat and cooling blood, medicine.After the wind is in the body, it is condensed on the skin body surface, and it cannot be leaked transparent inside and outside, so the skin will rash.

After scratching with hands, redness and pain will appear, and itching becomes stronger. The effect of silver firewood Hu Qing heat and cool blood can just alleviate this discomfort.

It should be noted that the silver Chai Hu Ke here is the same as the Bupleurum in Xiao Chaihu’s soup. The difference is different, and the effect is different.

The main effect of Yin Bupleurum is clearing heat and cooling blood, clearing heat and heat, and refusing fever, while Bupleurum is to relieve the fever, relieve the liver and relieve depression, and raise the sun. Generally speakingwidely.

Blame+Schisandra: Umei flavor is sour, flat, convergence of lungs, cough, and refreshing thirst; Schisandra sour, warm, convergence and astringent, nourish qi and Jinjin.

These two medicines, especially Wu Mei, must have eaten it. It tastes sour. It can be used as a small snack for online brushes on the Internet.effect.

Traditional Chinese medicine often says "acidity convergence", which is also reflected when eating plums. Some people are more sensitive to sour taste. When eating plums, lips shrink and frown. This is not the best manifestation of "acidity convergence".?

Back to the recipe, most of the patients with allergic patients are inevitable. The two medicines can be brought up, and the symptoms of cough and asthma will occur in diseases such as allergic asthma. Both black and five flavors can achieve the effect of relieving cough and asthma.

Licorice: There is no medicine for licorice in a part of the allergic fried version, but in fact, licorice is essential.On the one hand, licorice is used to regulate medicine. On the other hand, licorice has the effect of balanced yin and yang. After suffering from an allergic disease, the yin and yang in the body are imbalanced. Adding licorice can play a better effect.

For different allergic diseases, we can add or subtract some drugs on the basis of the original prescription.

Allergic rhinitis is equivalent to the nasal pheasant of Chinese medicine. Most of them are caused by dysfunctional dysfunction, cold and cold, and evil spirits invade the nose.

It often shows the sudden and repeated nasal itching, sneezing, a large amount of water -like snot and nasal congestion. For these symptoms, it is often added with cicada, Bai Yan, Xinyi, Cangei, Pueraria, etc.

Allergic urticaria Chinese medicine is also called turtleneer, because it is mainly manifested in the surface of the skin on the surface of the skin, and itching, and it is easy to recur.

It can be divided into wind cold and wind heat according to its accompaniment symptoms. It is a cold and cold. The wind group is red or white.Those who are windy and hot, the wind is red, and the drama is added, and it will be reduced when it is cold.

1. You need to take medicine under the guidance of the doctor. Do not buy it yourself.

2. During the medication, try to avoid contact with allergens again to avoid inducing allergic reactions.

3. During the medication, maintain good work and rest habits, adhere to physical exercise, avoid spicy stimuli and food that is easy to cause allergies, and maintain a comfortable mood.

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